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5 Chic Ways to Hide Your Cat’s Litter Box

* Clever ways to hide your cat’s litter box in plain sight
* A range of stylish designs including a plant pot, side table and storage cabinet
* A great way to get keep your house looking smart without upsetting your furry friend

You may love your cat like any other member of your family, but that doesn’t mean you love its litter box. This cat box can cause all kinds of problems, from being an ever-present floor hazard to making your home spaces look more functional than cozy, especially if you don’t have a pantry or back room to store it in.

For just that reason, we love these litter box hideaways. They keep your kitty loo in a convenient location for your cat, but they also keep your interior decor looking chic. And the designs are completely varied, including a clay plant holder and wooden side table. All of these options will keep your furry friend happy without causing you to lose your attractive and cozy interior atmosphere.

1. Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box

With the appearance of a real clay pot, this stylish litter box will enhance the decor of your living room, dining room or bedroom. Included with the 42-inch high pot is a life-like plastic plant and hay-like planting material that completes the green feel. The larger size of the piece makes it great for both single and multi-cat households. Plus, the top of the planter comes off to make cleaning easier.  


2. Penn Plax CatWalk Privacy Please Litter Cabinet

The Penn Plax CatWalk Litter Cabinet is an elegant piece of furniture that wouldn’t look out of place even in the classiest of interiors. The Mid-Century Modern double french doors open to reveal a removable litter pan, which makes cleaning out the tray especially easy. You’ll also find two holes at one end. These act as an entry and an exit point for your cat, so you can leave the main doors closed when you aren’t cleaning.   

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3. Weathered Hidden Kitty Litter Box

Featuring a single-door design and a stylish, weathered appearance, this piece of furniture looks like a classic side table. The intricate facade is repeated in the beautiful bordering around the door and continued in the diamond-shaped cat entrance on the side of the box. The end table is made from a mix of MDF and rubber wood. In addition, it features side and back ventilation holes to keep things smelling fresh.   

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4. Designer Catbox Hidden Litter Box

Available in white, espresso and black, this Designer CatBox looks like a regular piece of indoor furniture. With a hinged top opening, removing the litter tray for cleaning is simple, and the side entrance can be fitted to either side of the box as needed. In addition, the box is constructed from sturdy MDF and plywood and features raised legs, a top-side trim and wooden paneling at the front to complete a classy exterior.

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5. Classic Cat Litter Box Cover

The Classic Cat Litter Box Cover is yet another classy offering that would look great in a bathroom, laundry room or entryway. With the choice of black or white, the sturdy unit features an access hole on one side along with a few smaller holes to provide ventilation for the litter box inside. The spacious design of the cabinet means it is also possible to fit a second tray if your multi-cat household has such a need.

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