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Hide-a-Key: 4 Diversion Safes to Store Your Spares

* Ditch the doormat and hide your spare key somewhere safe
* Choose from faux rocks to fake sprinklers and more
* Safe and easy ways to keep tabs on your keys

Tired of using the old “spare key under the doormat” technique? You should be. While keeping your spare in plain sight may make it easier to find your keys, it’s an open invitation to anyone who’s smart enough to look under the mat.

Instead of placing your extra house or car keys somewhere visible, check out these four smart key safes to help safeguard your spare.

1. Rampro Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock

It looks like a rock, it feels like a rock, but guess what? It’s not a rock. This “hide-a-spare” fake rock features a hidden tray underneath so you can safely and securely place your spare key. With molded poly-resin material and an excellent attention to detail, no one will ever know this rock’s not real.


2. Hide A Key Spiked Sprinkler Head

This hide-a-sprinkler set offers a smart and easy way to keep your keys safe. Simply unscrew the top cap and drop your keys, cash and any other belongings to keep them secure. A built-in spike makes it easy to place the sprinkler in the ground.


3. Hide-a-Key Self Adhesive Velcro Flat Pouch

The possibilities are endless with this flat velcro pouch. This non-magnetic pouch can be attached to the back of your car, inside a room in your home, or even under your home’s gutter for a safe and secure way to keep track of your spare key.


4. Looker Products Hide-a-Key Birdhouse

It’s the little birdhouse that wasn’t. With a closed-off entrance hole and a secret built-in bottom compartment, this faux birdhouse is a great and easy way to hide your spare key. Your neighbors will never know. (Note: the entrance hole is closed off, so you won’t have to worry about actual birds pecking around your keys either).

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