My Best Friend Lives Across the Country but these Long Distance Friendship Lamps Made Us Closer Than Ever

Long distance friendship lamp
Image Courtesy of Uncommon Goods
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Pros: A quick, creative way to maintain long distance relationships

Cons: Pricier than the text/phone call alternative

Takeaway: If you’re looking for a unique gift to light up a room and show someone you care, these lamps are your quirky answer

Having a long distance relationship is hard, regardless of whether it’s romantic, platonic or familial. My best friend is from Texas, over 1,000 miles from my home in California. Planning trips to spend time together isn’t as easy or cheap as it was when we met in college and our busy schedules even make scheduling a FaceTime a huge undertaking. Relationships take a lot of work to maintain but showing someone you care is the most important thing you can do.

That’s exactly why the Long Distance Friendship Lamp is such a game-changer for any long distance relationship. By connecting friendship lamps, you can instantly show someone you’re thinking of them, even if you don’t have time for a phone call. Just one touch and every connected lamp will turn the same color. It’s a simple but meaningful way to stay in contact no matter where you are or how crazy your life gets.

Husband and wife team John Harrison and Vanessa Whalen designed the Long-Distance Friendship Lamp in 2014. They then made the lamps in their basement and sent them to family across the United States and in Canada. Harrison said he specifically designed the lamps to sense touch rather than use a button because he felt it was a more intimate way to connect. Now, the couple sells the lamps commercially and has even teamed up with charities to give production jobs to people in need.

mid-century friendship lamp Image Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

The lamps are easy to set-up, only requiring a power outlet and a Wi-Fi connection. Simply plug a small Wi-Fi bridge, the device that connects the lamp to the internet, into your router and a wall plug for power, and you’re ready to communicate.

friendship lamp classic Image Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

By using an online portal, you can also customize personal lamp colors, so you’ll always know who is reaching out when your lamp changes colors, set fade times and set sleep times. You can add as many lamps to your group as you want, so you can show your whole family or all of your friends that you care.

The Long Distance Friendship Lamp comes in Classic or Mid-Century designs. The classic has a sleek black frame and a crackle-design over the bright shade, making it a great minimalist addition to a variety of decors. The Mid-Century is an artful, modern design of stacked wood disks that adds an aspect of visual interest to any bedside, desk or coffee table.


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