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The Graduate Lounge Chair Has the Makings of an Instant Classic

* Cappuccino top-grain leather
* Modern shape
* Supportive and comfortable

The Graduate Lounge Chair features rich tufted leather and a comfortable modern shape that makes it as usable every day as it is aesthetically pleasing. It features cappuccino-hued top-grain leather in a smoky matte finish that lends itself well to graceful aging and will look good for years to come. This has the feel of a top-quality piece, and there’s even a one-year warranty as well.

The Graduate Lounge Chair is soft enough to settle into for a night of movie watching or a rainy afternoon with your current favorite novel or magazine, but it never feels overstuffed or cushy to the point of complacency. Too many cheap lounge chairs we’ve seen veer too far to the side of softness and become uncomfortable after a while because they offer too little support. With the Graduate chair, the cushions themselves are strong enough to support a person’s weight yet just soft enough to provide hours-long comfort. This way you’re never resting on the frame.

The frame is made of plywood and iron, with a high-quality coating for long-lasting durability. The legs are designed to resemble those of famous mid-century modern chairs, giving the Graduate Lounge Chair an appropriately sophisticated and cosmopolitan look.

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