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Stop Lunch Bag Larceny With These Fake Take-Out Bags

* Fool your friends with these bags
* 24-pack features eight different styles
* Get a laugh with every lunch

Want to keep someone from taking your lunch out of the refrigerator at work? Here’s a brilliant solution: Fred & Friends Take-Out Fake-Outs Lunch Bags. They look like take-out bags from places where you probably wouldn’t want to eat. And, that’s usually enough to persuade your co-workers to keep their hands off.

This set comes with 24 bags in 8 weird, wacky styles. Your colleagues will believe you’ve brought in leftovers from strange places like Budget Sushi, Burger Lord and Mostly Meatballs. They’ll think you’re eating something strange and disgusting, but you’ll know better.

While their sitting there with their noses in a twist, you can be sure your lunch will be ready to eat come break time. And you can get a good laugh with it. Each bag is made from durable paper that folds tight to keep everything neatly inside. They’re spacious enough to hold an over-sized meal, if you prefer.

It’s safe to say you haven’t had this much fun packing your lunch since you had your metal Star Wars lunch box. If for some reason they still want to see which of the 31 flavors you ordered from Broth Bros, just tell ‘em to mind their own lunch.

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