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We Love the LYFE Levitating Planter, Which Is Exactly as Cool as It Sounds

The technology that creates basic levitation isn’t complicated. Any elementary school-aged student can understand the basics of magnets. But there’s something so mystifying about seeing levitating objects in real life. They inspire a sense of wonder and evoke a sense of modernity.

And that’s exactly why we love these LYFE levitating planters. With a simple wooden base containing a magnet and a geometric planter, you can bring magic to your living room decor. These little planters will draw the eye, start a conversation, and calm you down as your tiny plant serenely rotates in space.

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Courtesy of FLYTE

We love this planter so much we’re sad we have to tell you how much it costs. At $300, these levitating plants are really expensive, and you can find plenty of affordable indoor plants on Amazon and other retailers. But if you want to invest in your office or home decor, these enchanting planters are an excellent choice.

The LYFE planters come from a design company called FLYTE, the result of a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Now, the company offers floating lights, plants and timepieces from its website.

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LYFE levitating plant Courtesy of FLYTE

Unfortunately, prices for the LYFE floating planter start at $299 (or $799 for a three-pack). According to FLYTE, magnetic fields help plants stay healthy, and the rotation ensures the plant receives sunlight from every angle. We don’t know about that, but we do know this is one of the coolest pieces of home decor we’ve seen in long time.