Keep Your Nuts and Bolts on Hand With This Handy Magnetic Wristband

magnetic wristband
Image courtesy of Amazon
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* Handy wristband keeps your screws, nuts, bolts and more in one place
* Save time by having more tools on hand
* Magnetic bands make it easy to store more items

Sometimes an invention comes along that makes you wonder why it took so long for someone to think of it. This magnetic wristband is one such invention. Featuring a soft and breathable design, this lightweight band keeps all your various nuts, screws and bolts in one handy place. You’ll never have to worry about rummaging around your toolbox for the right nail bit ever again.

With a heavy duty outer layer and an extra breathable interior, this magnetic wristband utilizes eight magnets to securely store your various tools. We’re not talking about mini magnets; these extra wide magnets are powerful enough to hold 144 half inch nails, 68 two-inch nails, 100 medium wood screws and even 50 large wood screws. Talk about convenience.

magnetic wristband Image courtesy of Amazon

Great for DIYers or people who are thinking about undertaking a few home improvement projects, this super smart wristband could shave hours off your turnaround time. By keeping your various tools at arm’s length (literally), you won’t have to worry about going back and forth to retrieve and replace your various screws and washers and whatnot.

More than that, the firm design and adjustable velcro strap mean this magnetic wristband is compatible with basically any wrist size while providing maximum comfort. Think of it as your own carry-on toolbox.

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