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This Drink Chiller Can Cool Down Steaming Hot Liquids in Under 60 Seconds

* The HyperChiller can cool steaming hot liquid in 60 seconds
* Simply fill the device with water and freeze for chilling power the next morning
* The chiller can make two 12 oz. beverages cold before needing to be re-frozen

Summer is just around the corner, and that means long, hot days whiled away sitting outside with a cold beverage. Whether your drink of choice is iced tea, iced coffee or even sangria, the hardest part of concocting your beverage is likely chilling it. One rarely has the time or the forethought to brew a drink and leave it in the refrigerator overnight to get cold.

If you’re like us, you’ve tried all kinds of crazy schemes to make your hot beverages cold in a jiffy. We put them in the freezer (and forgot about them), tried the salted ice trick and added a million ice cubes (yet ended up with a watered down drink). These hacks sound easy enough, but the most effective way to make steaming hot liquid cold is to use the HyperChiller.

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Image courtesy of The Grommet

This drink chiller can take any freshly brewed or warm drink and make it ice cold in about a minute. Simply pour in your steaming hot beverage and wait 60 seconds. The result is a beverage that feels like it’s been on ice for hours.

To prepare the HyperChiller for use, fill both the inner and outer stainless steel chambers with water and put the device in the freezer overnight. In the morning, the inside of the chiller will measure an incredibly cold 130 degrees, which is able to cool any liquid nearly instantaneously.

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Image courtesy of The Grommet

As an added bonus, the HyperChiller can fit comfortably under most coffee makers. This allows you to brew fresh coffee directly into the device to be chilled. In addition, the HyperChiller can cool two twelve-ounce drinks before needing to be frozen again.

This summer, don’t waste money on iced drinks from your local coffee shop. Get the HyperChiller and get that freshly brewed drink you’ve been craving in just 60 seconds.


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