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Your Dinner Parties Just Got Classier Thanks to This Entertaining Essential

* Perfect for everything from cheese to dessert
* Brass circular feet and embossed logo
* Made in India from white marble

Meet the ultimate serving board, from Hawkins New York. This white marble stunner will class up any dinner party or special occasion.

Use it for a cheese selection with additional spreads, olives and other delights neatly arranged on the side.  You could even use it as a creative dessert display or to serve an array of breakfast delights for overnight visitors (think: breakfast in bed). The 9” x 15” board has plenty of serving space for all your delicious needs.

Each board features four brushed brass circular feet for sturdy display. This kitchen accessory also includes an embossed Hawkins New York logo, while the irregular shape adds to its art-minded, high-end appearance.

Available in a blazing white and crafted using mara marble stone direct from an Indian quarry, this imported table piece is sure to garner plenty of compliments over the course of an evening’s entertaining. It’s also hefty and built to last, making it a great gift for a newly married couple or even an heirloom of sorts. At $130, it’s a great price for something that you’ll have for years to come.

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