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Martha Stewart Makes Reversible Bedding Sophisticated Enough for Grown-Ups

* Double your decor options with reversible bedding
* On-trend geometric patterns
* Sets include duvet and one or two shams

What hasn’t domestic mogul Martha Stewart thought of? From DIY party decorations to food delivery services and wine clubs, this one-woman powerhouse has been at the pinnacle of all things “home” for over three decades and counting. So don’t think the latest turn of domiciliary genius wouldn’t eventually become reality: A reversible sheet set with good looks and sophistication.

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Normally a staple of kids’ rooms – hey, trucks on this side, trains on the other!  – or at its most mature, found in a college dorm room, reversible sheets don’t usually find their way to the grown-ups room. But Stewart’s stab at this oeuvre has resulted in a bedding set that’s both on-trend and age appropriate for the over 30 population.

Included are shams and a duvet, both of which can be flipped from a beige, arty hand drawn geometric print, to its contrasting dark side, a black and beige ikat-inspired zig-zag. The two options pair well in contrast or in likeness and allow for endless styling ideas. Other pieces from this collection are available to complete the look – solid colored sheets, pillowcases and decorative throws and pillows coordinate without getting too matchy-matchy. Which of course, a domestic icon like Martha would not let happen.

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