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This Math Clock is Round-the-Clock Fun

* Chalkboard finish
* Easy-to-read white on black numbers
* Each hour features a different math equation

This math clock from the astutely named Decodyne company is quite possibly the ideal gift for someone who loves math or math-based humor, or simply appreciates the novelty of an analog clock which is humorously harder to read than a standard wall clock.

In the place of the usual numbers one through twelve or their Roman numeral equivalents, this math clock features a different math problem for each of the digits. While their position on the clock face does tend to give away the answers to these problems, it’s still a fun observation, and even makes this wall clock a great teaching feature or conversation starter.

It would go very well in a classroom or tutor’s office, too, and makes an excellent gift for a math whiz, puzzle-buff or slide-rule enthusiast.

The equations range from the relatively straightforward to the slightly more radical, with some of the greatest hits of the grade school math curriculum such as long division, square roots, order of operations and more. This arithmetic savvy time piece comes finished in a matte black and bright white color scheme reminiscent of a chalkboard, and thanks to its high contrast design it is easy to read from across the room.

The math clock requires no plugs or wires and is powered by a single AA battery. Sure, telling the time may not be rocket science, but with the math clock from Decodyne you can add some problem-solving fun to this quotidian instrument.

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