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Furniture Figures: The 8 Best Furnishings for Math Lovers

* Great housewarming gifts for your mathematical friends
* Everything from pint glasses to shower curtains
* Unleash your inner geek in small, practical doses

Unleash your inner nerd (or point out your friend’s) with these math-themed furnishings. The key to showing off your inner geek is to do it in small doses. In other words, reach for a printed accessory or small decor piece rather than going all out on a big piece of furniture. (Although there’s that too).

Make your interior decorating intellectual, with these eight numerical items.

1. Pi-nt Glass

This personalized drinking glass is an intellectual addition to your liquor cabinet using this famous symbol, and is made of durable, lead-free glass. Dishwasher safe, it’s a fun housewarming or bachelor party present.

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2. Hanging Wall Clock

Instead of a basic number, each space on this clock features a mathematical equation to keep you sharp. Made of plastic with silver-toned metal hands, its blackboard design will take you back to your classroom days.


3. Formula Pillow

A great conversation starter for your living room guests, the straight forward color scheme means this throw pillow will fit in with most decor. It has a concealed zip opening, so it’s easy to remove and wash.

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4. Blackboard Picture Frame

This 8″ by 10″ picture frame is made of medium density fiberboard, and comes with a hook for wall hanging. Frame your favorite mathematician, or give it as a housewarming gift for your nerdiest friend.

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5. Shower Curtain

Make the most of your time in the shower by solving some complex equations. This shower curtain is polyester, machine washable, and mold and mildew proof, so the prints won’t fade.


6. Fibonacci Wall Print

Made with UV-resistant inks to avoid sun damage, this canvas print is flexible to support tight corners. Celebrate this central design concept in its brilliant simplicity — an ideal addition to a blank wall.


7. Escher Duvet

Available in a variety of sizes, this simplistic print celebrates the famous mathematically inspired artist. Machine-washable, the internal ties and concealed zipper make assembly easy, and great for dorm living.

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8. Area Rug

This 5″ by 7″ area rug is made of blended polyester, and its hemmed edges help prevent fray. It works in your home or office, and its bright blend of colors means it can fit in with a variety of color schemes.

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