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The Best Mattress Bags Protect Your Pieces in Storage and During Moves

Your mattress is an investment. It can take years to find the perfect type of mattress, one that helps you get the best night’s sleep without hurting your hips or back. They’re also not cheap, so it makes sense that you want to protect a mattress during a move or if you need to put it in storage for a while. That’s where a good mattress bag can be dead useful.

Slip or zip your mattress into a heavy-duty plastic mattress bag to protect it from rips and tears, bugs and other pests, water, odors and other elements a mattress may be exposed to while away from that bed frame and sheets.


Top Features To Look for in a Mattress Bag

Fit: Double check whether the mattress bag you’re eying will fit the specific size of mattress you need. Some bags are created with extra space to also fit a box spring or will come in a two-pack so you can easily wrap and protect both items.

Material: You want a mattress bag that’s going to hold up, so be sure to choose a heavyweight, unvented and preferably waterproof material like polyethylene. That way when your heavy mattress is mid-transport the bag is less likely to rip or tear.

Thickness: Not only should you choose a heavyweight material, but the thicker the material, the more likely it will be to protect your heavy cargo. Most mattress bags give you the thickness in “mils” (millimeters). Just remember that the thicker, the better.

Bug or Dust-Mite Resistant: No one wants creepy-crawly sleeping companions in their mattress, so double-check the material is also bug resistant. Most are, but make sure it’s one of the listed features.


1. Cresnel Mattress Bag


This puncture-resistant, sealable mattress bag is the top pick on Amazon thanks to its inexpensive price and heavy-duty material — more than 22,000 reviewers have given it a collective 4.6 stars. Many report the thick plastic has held up during the toughest of moves, it’s easy to vacuum seal and it’s roomy enough to accommodate thick mattresses. Unfortunately, it only comes in a queen, full or twin size, so those with king mattresses are out of luck.

Mattress bag for moving or storage


2. ComfortHome 2 Pack Mattress Bag


If you’re looking for a basic bag and don’t need anything too heavy-duty, these 1.5 mil bags are an inexpensive way to protect mattresses from moisture, stains, dirt, water, dust and other pollutants that can decrease overall mattress life. They come in a two-pack so you can wrap a box spring as well, or use the extra bag for chairs, patio furniture or other oversized items.

Mattress bag for moving or storage


3. Cosybreeze Mattress Bag


This top-rated mattress bag is an inexpensive but heavy-duty pick for storage and moving, especially since it comes in a pack of two. The four-mil bags are made from extra-thick polyethylene and slide on and off your mattress for an easy fit. They come in four different sizes and can also be used on bulky furniture or Christmas trees, keeping all your things dust- and dirt-free between uses.

Mattress bag for moving or storage


4. Nordik Elk Mattress Bag With Handles


More than 10,000 Amazon reviewers have given this zippered mattress bag a collective 4.8 stars, making it one of the site’s top picks. Users love how the bag, which comes in various sizes, features eight heavy-duty handles, making it easy to lug up and down the stairs during a move. Some users have also said this mattress bag has protected their pieces from odors, while others say it’s also a dream for transporting and storing floppier mattresses.

Mattress bag for moving or storage


5. U-Haul Standard Full Mattress Bag


Need a single bag for a quick move? Why not turn to the brand that may also be transporting your mattress to its new location? This mattress bag from U-Haul slips on and off and handles mattresses or box springs up to 10 inches in depth. The 2 mil bag features air ventilation holes which can be great in preventing moisture during a move, but not so great if you’re storing a mattress long-term and are worried about pests.

Mattress bag for moving or storage


6. AlexHome Mattress Bag for Moving and Storage


If you’re not interested in fumbling with a mattress bag that slides over the mattress, consider this zippered version, which is made from a heavy-duty tarp material to protect mattresses against the elements and features handles for easy transport. It’s a bit costlier than some of the other picks and won’t accommodate other furniture the way less structured bags on this list do, but many users rave about how handy it was during their latest move.

Mattress bag for moving or storage


7. Storage Logic Foam Mattress Vacuum Bag


If you’re looking to specifically protect a foam mattress, this mattress bag is designed with you in mind. The bag can be vacuum-sealed and compressed down to 80% of its original size, giving you more storage or moving space. It also includes two straps, a double-zip and a stay-on clip, so you can move and relocate your piece as needed. Unfortunately, it’s only available in a queen/full design.

Mattress bag for moving or storage


8. Ultrablock Mattress Bags


Need a professional-grade mattress bag? Look no further than this thick, 6 mil offering, which also features a non-slip grip. It comes in all standard mattress sizes and is made from recycled materials, which you can feel good about. Plus it’s reusable and easy to clean, so you can keep it on hand for all your moving and storage needs for years to come.

Mattress bag for moving or storage


9. Wrappybag Protective Plastic Mattress Bag


This ultra-thick, warp-and tear-resistant mattress bag is designed for prolonged and multiple-use, so if you move around a lot or need to put some things in storage it’s a decent pick. The bag itself features a zipper and reinforced seam that makes it airtight and waterproof, two bonuses when you’re protecting a mattress from the elements. It also comes in all standard mattress sizes, making it a universal pick.

Mattress bag for moving or storage


10. ASK Pack Enhanced Mattress Bag With Zipper


Ask Pack redesigned their queen-sized mattress bag last year and eliminated the vent holes in order to make it even better for long-term storage. As a result, the thick, 5.5 mil bag is even better suited to resist bugs, dust and other mattress pollutants while in storage or during a move. It also features a zipper for easy opening and closing and is tear-resistant and reusable.

Mattress bag for moving or storage


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