Review: Mavix’s M7 Gaming Chair Is Comfortable and Really Impressive

Review: Mavix M7 Gaming Chair Is
Courtesy of Mavix
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As fun as new gaming consoles can be, acquiring the hottest new system is really only half the battle. The most diehard gamers will tell you that the right accessories can really improve your experience. In the same way that you want to ensure your TV or monitor is fully updated, you’ll also want to be as comfortable as possible while you game, which means investing in a quality gaming chair.

And while we’ve rounded up quite a few of the best gaming chairs for hardcore gamers already, there’s a new company in the space.

Enter: Mavix.

The brand launched its initial suite of chairs in mid-November and sent their mid-tier model — the M7 — to SPY for review. And we’re really impressed with the results so far. 


Mavix M7 Gaming Chair Breakdown

What’s immediately surprising about the M7 is how it looks. Its mesh construction (which helps keep you cool while you sit for extended periods of time) makes it look like there wouldn’t be as much support as you’d want, but sitting down in it, you’ll realize differently. The M7 is the most comfortable gaming chair I’ve tested so far, and that is due largely to how you can customize the chair to your body. Chairs of all kinds are a sort of “one size fits most” option and offer very little in terms of tailoring to your preferences. That’s not the case with the M7, as the chair offers an impressive amount of different adjustment points, including a head and neck support, adjustable back height, locking position recline, dynamic variable lumbar support, seat depth, adjustable chair height, adjustable armrest height, adjustable armrest angle, and adjustable tension recline. The M7 is basically one of those fully articulated action figures you might have longed for as a kid but in gaming chair form.

For someone as tall as I am (I’m 6’6″), it helps to be able to really set the chair in a way that works for me. The result is easily the most comfortable and supportive gaming chair I’ve tested. The M7 is doubling as my desk chair during the day and my gaming chair at night, and never have I felt uncomfortable sitting in it for long periods of time (I’m talking 8 -12 hours depending on the day).

mavix-gaming-chair-review Courtesy of Mavix

Mavix M7 Gaming Chair


The secret behind this support? The chair’s impressive lumbar support system. One of the chair’s best features is the ability to slide the support up and down to really angle it best for your lower back. Other chairs I’ve tested have either been too soft or too hard, whereas the M7 is just about perfect for my needs. The seat’s wider base also allows me to spread my legs freely, giving me a deeper (and therefore more comfortable) sitting position. Locking the chair’s wheels into place ensures I don’t have to worry about sliding all over the floor.


The Verdict: Mavix M7 Gaming Chair Is an Impressive Product for Serious Gamers

Here at SPY, we’ve looked skeptically at gaming chairs that cost $2,000, and sometimes more. We’re skeptical because we know the average gamer just isn’t going to drop that kind of gold on a chair. However, we also know that there is a market for these luxury gaming chairs, even if it’s small. Fortunately, Mavix’s chair comes at a much more reasonable price, even as it delivers on the versatility and ergonomic comfort of more expensive gaming chairs.

Since quarantine started, I feel like I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect chair and haven’t been able to find one. I can confidently say that after trying the M7 for a few weeks, I’m a little overwhelmed by how perfect it is for my lifestyle. The ability to truly customize that fit would make the hefty investment of the chair extremely worthwhile. I’m in shock of how sure of itself Mavix is right out of the gate, and I’m confident you will be too.

Mavix M7 Gaming Chair Mavix

Mavix M7 Gaming Chair



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