Men, These Are The Bedroom Upgrades Women Want To See

bedroom upgrades to impress women
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Whether you’re single and thinking it just may be time to update your living space from a basic bachelor’s pad to an actual home, inspired perhaps by those nature documentaries where a calm-voiced scientists dryly explains how the male of some bird species will make an elaborate nest in the hope of attracting a mate, or maybe your friends or your S.O. has made subtle hints that it’s time to lose the “college pad,” vibe, we’ve rounded up some essential upgrades for your bedroom that will help transform your place into somewhere you’d actually like to spend time. Not only will it make sleeping and hanging out more enjoyable when you’re at home, but these details will also impress the ladies in your life too.

1. EDC Tray

This organizer not only gives you a handy place to put your watches, accessories, keys and other essentials but it looks great and shows that you can keep organized, too.

edc organizer Image Courtesy of Amazon

2. Bluetooth Speaker

This wireless bluetooth speaker doesn’t take up too much space – even in a smaller bedroom -, yet has a clear high definition sound. Plus it has capacitive touch control and syncs up to your phone easily so you can set the mood with the tunes.

bluetooth speaker Image Courtesy of Amazon

3. Air Purifier

An air purifier is a great way to keep your room’s air hygienic and equally as importantly, smelling good. No lady wants to hang out in a room filled with undetectable odors or allergen-infused air. This one has a true HEPA filter as well as an activated carbon filter.

air purifier Image Courtesy of Amazon

4. Scented Candles

Scented candles aren’t just for apology gifts in cheesy rom coms anymore. They’re also great to have around in case company shows up.

scented candles Image Courtesy of Amazon

5. Shoe Rack

Keeping your shoes in a vague pile by the foot of the bed is fine, we suppose, but if you want to show them off at home and also look organized, this shoe rack is a more sophisticated choice.

shoe rack Image courtesy of Amazon

6. Portable Closet Rack

This garment rack is a cool-looking way to display some of your favorite clothing items from your collection, and high quality way to add storage capacity. Plus, it helps you keep your clothes wrinkle-free.

portable garment rack Courtesy Amazon

7. Cologne Vanity Tray

With enough space for several bottles of cologne, aftershave, soaps and even razors, this spinning vanity tray not only seems cool and high tech but actually saves time, a little bit, when getting ready.

vanity tray Courtesy Amazon

8. Watch Box Display

This glass-topped, velvet watch box lets you call attention to your watches without looking like you’re trying to call attention to your watches.

velvet watch case courtesy Amazon

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