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Live Out Your Little Mermaid Fantasies With A Mermaid Tail Blanket

* Cute and cozy mermaid tail blanket
* Made from super soft wool mix for comfort and warmth
* Ideal for The Little Mermaid nights with the kids

Love The Little Mermaid? Forget Ursula’s spells. Fulfill your dreams of living under the sea with a mermaid tail blanket. It provides all the warmth of a normal blanket with the added benefit of transforming your legs into a mermaid tail. You’ll be a goddess (or god) of the sea in no time.

Big enough for adults but great for kids too, the mermaid tail measures 71.5 inches in length and is made from a cozy wool and polyester blend that keeps its shape even after repeated use. An alternative to your throw blanket or as a fun sleeping bag, the blanket features knitted “scales” that taper down to a large fin tail to complete the mermaid look.

The attractive light blue color of this piece provides a warm addition that will blend in with most interior decor. The blanket also gives your bottom half a soft and completely enveloping environment to enjoy. You’ll never get an annoying cold patch where the blanket has slipped off your legs. In addition, the clever design allows the blanket to easily fold up in a small package for transportation, ideal for trips to the park or overnight journeys.

Curl up in this mermaid tail blanket while you’re dreaming of life underwater, and know that it will keep you comfy above ground as well.