These Metal Fire Pits Bring Coziness and Unparalleled Elegance To Your Yard

best metal fire pits
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When browsing online for a fire pit, there are dozens of possibilities to choose between. This year-round accessory provides warmth, atmosphere, and even a means of cooking. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a drink in the morning or evening, transforming the drabbest of spaces into a cozy sanctuary. There’s nothing more comforting than crackling logs and that distinct smell of a fire. Still, before you start your search, be sure to check your local codes to make sure that you can have a wood-burning fire pit outside your home.

Unlike gas and propane fire pits, with a wood-burning alternative, the location of your burn pit won’t matter, since you don’t need to hook it up to anything. While these affordable pits come in all materials and styles, metal fire pits are sought-after for their durable and elegant nature. Pro tip: line yours with sand, which is a fantastic heat shield to protect the metal material, soaking up the heat and distributing evenly. Additionally, make sure to keep a stack of wood nearby, since wood-burning pits can be harder to start and maintain.

From steel to cast-iron metal fire pits, add a contemporary touch and turn your patio into a multi-season space.


1. Solo Stove Bonfire


One of the issues with wood-burning fire pits is the amount of smoke they give off. That’s why it’s sensible to invest in a model that minimizes the smoke as much as possible. This metal fire pit features an innovative double-wall structure that draws in air from the bottom, feeding the heated oxygen to the top for an incomparable secondary burn that results in nearly no smoke. You also don’t need to deal with the hassle of embers blowing out.

Solo Stove Bonfire, best metal fire pits Courtesy of Solo Stove

Solo Stove Bonfire



2. Outdoor Wood Burning Faux Stone Column Fire Pit


Usually, dramatic centerpieces are reserved for gas fireplaces, but this faux stone pit adds a modern and utilitarian sensibility that will elevate any space. The black metal fire bowl can be removed for easy cleaning, and while this pit can’t be used for food preparation, it will create an undeniable atmosphere. This offering has a small footprint, but the one downside is that you can’t use regularly sized logs — instead, they must be chopped smaller than usual.

Outdoor Wood Burning Faux Stone Column Fire Pit, best metal fire pits Courtesy of Target

Outdoor Wood Burning Faux Stone Column Fire Pit



3. Hexagon Steel Wood Fire Pit with Mesh Lid


Round and square options are viable, but a hexagon shape adds some flair that makes this metal fire pit worthy of being a centerpiece. This pit, complete with stylish lattice detail, comes with a steel mesh lid that prevents flames from spitting and acts as a family-friendly safety measure. For just over $100, this metal model offers a superior bang for your buck. One reviewer attests that it’s easy to put together, so no installation is required.

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Hexagon Steel Wood Fire Pit with Mesh Lid, best metal fire pit Courtesy of Home Depot

Hexagon Steel Wood Fire Pit with Mesh Lid


4. Yaheetech 32in Outdoor Metal Firepit


This metal fire pit complete with a mesh lid doubles as a table, working overtime even when you’re not burning logs. If you buy a top grate, this pit can be used for grilling. Additionally, if it’s filled with ice, this fireplace can be used to keep all your beverages cold on hot summer days. You can even rest drinks on the ledge while a fire is burning We love how versatile this multifunctional pit is — it can heat up or cool down your food, removing the need for a cooler or BBQ.

Yaheetech 32in Outdoor Metal Firepit Courtesy of Amazon

Yaheetech 32in Outdoor Metal Firepit


5. KINGSO Fire Pit


At just under $50, this black 22” metal fire pit is a total steal. It even comes complete with a fire poker for moving the wood or charcoal and is the ideal size to keep as either a portable camping buddy or a permanent fixture in a smaller outdoor space. With rust-proof features and a heat-resistant coating, buyers love this pit for the fact that you can easily control the amount of fire, and the outer ring, which is a useful place to rest your marshmallow skewers.

KINGSO Fire Pit Courtesy of Amazon

6. Flanigan Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit


Round fire pits are always eye-catching, but we especially appreciate the faded metallic finish on this large, cauldron-inspired model. It has a stylish vintage look that’s sure to earn compliments. Made from weathered steel, this metal fire pit is actually designed to fade from this starting color, providing a rustic and lived-in look that’s enhanced by gold details. A poker, grate, and spark screen are included, although it doesn’t come with a cover.

Flanigan Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit Courtesy of Wayfair

Flanigan Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit



7. Esschert Design FF90 Fire Bowl


A bowl is similar to a pit, but lower to the ground and more portable with an understated appearance. The added mobility is a perk since you can move it around if necessary. This one is made of sturdy and industrial-looking cast iron, with a stable base. Gather around this heavy-duty choice, which will develop a beautiful patina over time. The walls are thick, and one consumer says it does take a bit of time to heat up into a roaring flame, but once it does, it sustains the fire well.

Esschert Design FF90 Fire Bowl Courtesy of Amazon

Esschert Design FF90 Fire Bowl



8. Ball of Fire Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit


Commonly known as a “Ball of Fire” pit, this creative and spherical design comes with its own cover and spark screen. While it does contain more working pieces than your usual metal fire pit and takes more time to put together, buyers seem to agree that the effort of the assembly process was thoroughly worth it due to the stunning result. For anyone worried about keeping an eye on kids, this protective product holds in the flame effectively.

Ball of Fire Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit Courtesy of Wayfair

Ball of Fire Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit



9. Tiki Brand Patio Fire Pit


Tiki Brand is one of the most sought-after brands for backyard must-haves in the world, so it should go without question that their patio fire pit is hard to beat. This 45-lb fire pit is gorgeously designed to transform the way you hang out by the fire. It’s beyond easy to set up and get started. Each pit comes with an instant-light Wood Pack for a quick-on fire, an innovative airflow system that rids of smoke and cleans up in a jiffy. Every light will leave you wondering why you didn’t buy this earlier.

Tiki Brand Patio Fire Pit Courtesy of Tiki Brand

Tiki Brand Patio Fire Pit



10. Woodland Direct Manta Ray Fire Pit


Need to flex on others with your fire pit? Well, you’ve found the one to do it with. This odd-shaped fire pit from Woodland Direct will have all eyes on it as it burst flames out of the top. It’s inspired by the gorgeous wings of a manta ray to provide an alluring metal fire pit you won’t see elsewhere. Leave it in the backyard for bonfires no matter what time of year it is, roast marshmallows with your kids and sip a couple of brews. It makes the perfect backyard companion.

Woodland Direct Manta Ray Fire Pit Courtesy of Woodland Direct

Woodland Direct Manta Ray Fire Pit



11. BALI OUTDOORS Chimenea Fire Pit


This kind of outdoor fire pits is called a chiminea and it adds a rustic look, with a wide vase bottom and a skinnier vertical chimney which smoke escapes through. While chimineas are classically made from clay or terracotta, a steel version adds less of a bohemian look and more of a streamlined, antique aesthetic that blends into any landscape. Bali Outdoors offers this brown and black cast iron model, with all-around mesh screening and a sliding door. Forget about messes thanks to the ashtray, which lets you clean up without difficulty.

BALI OUTDOORS Chimenea Fire Pit Courtesy of Amazon

BALI OUTDOORS Chimenea Fire Pit



12. Global Outdoors Genuine Copper Fire Pit


If a cast-iron pit sounds too witchy for you, lighten things up with a copper fire pit, like this one from Global Outdoors. It comes with a safety screen, and the head-hammered copper offered is handsome without being too loud. One shopper says “the copper is beautiful and imperfections give it a real artisan look.” You won’t have to use a fire pit mat thanks to the steel legs with decorative banding. Another plus? The bolts are pre-inserted into the required locations, making assembly way easier than IKEA instructions. If you’re looking for a unique metal fire pit, this is the option for you.

Global Outdoors Genuine Copper Fire Pit Courtesy of Amazon

Global Outdoors Genuine Copper Fire Pit



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