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Give Your Home a Mid-Century Modern Makeover With This Arm Chair

* Modeled after iconic 45 arm chair from Finn Juhl
* Four eye-catching color options
* Wind-swept wooden base adds to mid-century modern style

Since its inception during the 1940s-1950s, mid-century modern design has always been an appealing style choice for decor, furniture and architecture. Known for emphasizing cleans lines and geometric forms, mid-century furniture offers design lovers an approachable way to re-imagine their space with just a few key pieces.

While buying authentic vintage items from the era is always an option, often times antique furniture comes in poor condition, requiring costly repairs. Fortunately, you can find modern furniture items rendered with the characteristics of the original retro style at many furniture retailers, and we’ve spied the perfect piece to jumpstart your collection.

The 45 Mid-Century Modern Arm Chair by Kardiel is inspired by the original 45 arm chair model designed by the iconic Danish designer, Finn Juhl in 1945. The original 45 arm chair visualized Juhl’s distinct design style — which favored organic shapes and materials — a departure from the stark aesthetic preferred by some of his contemporaries. The Kardiel 45 chair, like the original, creates a floating illusion, adding depth to your living room or office.

The Kardiel Copenhagen reproduction chair is crafted with an updated design, including a sturdier frame constructed from walnut-hued timber wood and padded cushions for extra comfort. The arms are pulled upward and forward, while the seat is placed down and to the back, creating a chair that not only looks sleek, but that’s also comfortable to sit in. The cushion is upholstered with textured tailored twill, all sewn by hand for an authentic look and plush feel. Available in four different color options, this chair is a must-have for achieving the coveted retro-modern aesthetic in your home or office.

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