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Millennial Pink: Blushing Home Decor That Won’t Look Like a Playroom

* Everyone is talking about so-called “millennial pink” right now
* From Instagram to trending sneakers, this shade is everywhere
* Pale pink isn’t just for Barbie anymore

You’ve likely heard the term “millennial pink” by now–and you’ve definitely seen it on your instagram feed. So what exactly is this ubiquitous shade of pink that everyone keeps talking about?

Last year, Pantone declared rose quartz the color of the year, but this frosty pink is a shade that has a more metallic hue, reminiscent of the rose gold iPhone color or the shade of your glass of rosé.

Millennial pink is an extension; a cross over between a soft rose and a muted peach. But as with most trends proliferated on the ‘gram, the term is flexible. Either way, it’s hard to deny the alluring appeal of this feminine shade.

Millennial pink is not only making a splash on our social media feeds and closets though — it’s trending in home decor and interior design too. Kendall Jenner reportedly painted her bathroom walls “baker-miller pink,” citing the hue’s appetite suppressing and calming properties as her reason. We’re not so sure if a pink interior will help you maintain your weight, but it sure looks lovely. Here’s how to add some pink to your space without making it look like Barbie’s dream house.

1. A Pink Accent Chair

Decorating your entry way or living room with blushy accent chair is a subtle approach to adding some femininity to your home. Try opting for a velvet blush option to keep things looking luxe and elegant rather than pre-teen.

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2. Pink Kitchenware

Kitchenware utensils and cooking tools are an essential item to have on hand, whether you’re in a dorm or a home owner. Why not add some girlish charm to your cooking supplies with this baby pink set?


3. Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows are one of these underrated home decor items that make a big impact on your space without having to spend much money on a furniture piece. A faux fur pillow in a rosy hue will add just a touch of millennial pink to your living area, without having to switch your color scheme altogether.

Lazy loaded image
Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters[/caption]


4. Pink Wall Phone

Vintage and antique lovers will appreciate this pink wall phone for all its retro charm. Whether you still have a landline or not, this phone will stand out as a decorative centerpiece in your hall way, dining room, or entry way.


5. Novelty Lighting

Neon is making a big comeback in home decor this year. Novelty lighting is another great option to add some pink to your space without making a permanent change. This LED flamingo light turns on and off, so it’s an agreeable piece for those with roommates who aren’t so keen on the color.


6. Pink Bathroom/Vanity Accessories

If you don’t want to take the plunge by adding pink to your entry way or living room, give your bathroom an elegant update with some rosy accessories. It’s a non-committal way to incorporate the trend, even if your S.O. is less than enthusiastic about the color scheme.

[caption id="attachment_67089" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Pink Bathroom Set Amazon Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


7. Pink Curtains

If you’ve got a neutral living room or bedroom that needs some sprucing up, try adding light pink window curtains for instant pick-me-up.


8. Pink Wall Art

Whether you’re going for a gallery or wall or prefer a minimalist center piece, your wall art display functions as the focal point of your space. Choose a petal pink print with golden frame for a versatile piece that will suit most home decor themes.

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Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters[/caption]


9. Wall Paper

Finally, if you’re a homeowner and ready to take the plunge (almost) try decorating one smaller room or bathroom a la Kendall Jenner with some blush-hued wall paper to test out the look. Renting your place? Use pink wall paper to spruce up furniture pieces. Line the inside of your chest of drawers with the adhesive paper for a girly pop of pink every time you pick out your clothes.

[caption id="attachment_67142" align="aligncenter" width="1001"]Pale Pink Wall Paper Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]