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Get This $20 Mini Desk Vacuum For All Your Mini Messes

* Comes with three sweeper tools
* Built-in dust case means no need for dust bags
* Ultra compact and portable

You wouldn’t break out a drill to fix a pair of eyeglasses, so why clean up a small spill with a full-sized vacuum? From a trail of crumbs to a minor spill of coffee grounds, abandon the hassle of dragging out a weighty appliance with Livion’s nimble Mini Desk Vac.

Tiny but powerful, it easily picks up dirt, crumbs and other small particles. It charges up with an included USB cord or can run on 4 AA batteries. Three sweeper tools allow you to access hard-to-reach spots, great for tight spaces like computer keyboards and other personal electronics. A built-in dust case means no need for replacement dust bags — just empty out the contents when full. You won’t need to remember to change or order filters, either. This mini vacuum comes with one that can be quickly removed and washed.

A little larger than the size of a computer mouse, and not dissimilar in shape, either, it’s been ergonomically designed for easy, grab-and-go use that takes up very little real estate. Keep it on hand in the kitchen, workshop or desk side for quick clean ups, and leave the big vac in the closet. Because sometimes bigger isn’t always better.