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Authentic. Inspired. Light Up Your Desk With the Tolomeo Lamp

* An iconic task lamp for your office or home
* Pivoting shade focuses light just where you want it
* Award-winning design

We admit it: we’re a bit obsessed with inspired industrial design. Another confession: we’ve been fans of the Tolomeo Lamp Collection since we first saw it at Design Within Reach. Was it the sleek aluminum body? The modern yet timeless look? The precise engineering? Yes, yes and yes.

World-renowned furniture and product designer Michele de Lucchi originally designed the first Tolomeo Lamp in 1987 as a collaboration with Giancarlo Fassina, the head of R&D for renowned Milanese lighting company, Artemide. Two years later, the lamp was honored with the Compasso d’Oro Award, earning worldwide recognition for its perfect marriage of innovation and style.


Crafted in Hungary with a fully adjustable multi-armed body in matte anodized aluminum, the Tolomeo Desk Lamp has a weighty base, which keeps it in place while you move the light to focus on the task at hand. How? This lamp reminds us of a suspension bridge — thin but strong steel tension cables are strung from the base to the shade, allowing you to position it in an infinite number of positions. The result: your tasks look better, and your desk certainly will as well.

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