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Adorn Your Kitchen With These Decorative Salt and Pepper Shakers

* Cradle salt & pepper shaker designed by Steve Cozzolino
* Crafted from signature Nambe Alloy and Acacia-wood
* Food safe and meets all FDA guidelines

In your home, sometimes even everyday items can use a little upgrade. If you’re looking to spruce up things decor-wise, add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen table with this wooden salt and pepper shaker set.

Crafted from signature Nambe Alloy and rich Acacia wood, this shaker set is a simple, yet elegant addition for your home. The wooden detailing highlights a rustic vibe, while the matte white side adds an elevated element. With a slight tilt on top, the salt and pepper shakers also show off an upscale, modern design.

The shaker set requires minimal care as it is able to be simply hand-washed with soap and water. Also food safe, the shaker meets all FDA guidelines, meaning you won’t be adding any harmful elements to your food while seasoning.

As practical as it is polished, this pair of shakers will add a soft touch to your table. Designed by Steve Cozzolino, the 3.5″ tall shakers act as a contemporary centerpiece that helps created a refined dinner environment. Nothing makes enjoying your food at home more delightful than appreciating the fine aesthetic of your kitchen that you’ve curated.

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