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Read in a Dark Quiet Place Comfortably With This Really Tiny Device

* Lightweight and portable
* Attaches to any book, newspaper or magazine
* Perfect for travel

The Really Tiny Booklight by MoMA is just that—a really small yet sturdy booklight. If you are an avid book, newspaper or magazine reader or just want to be inconspicuous while you do it, this small feat of engineering will be an immense help to you.

Coming in at 7 inches tall and just under 1 ounce, this booklight is lightweight and easily portable. Clip this onto any hardback or paperback book, menus, newspapers, magazines and more. Created for easy reading, the tiny light rotates 90 degrees to provide the perfect angled beam for all your preferred reading material.

Made of durable plastic coating with rubber paint, the light also includes three LED bulbs and three button-cell batteries. This light would make a perfect addition to any trend conscious book and gift giver and will allow you to read in bed at night without disturbing your significant other. In addition to reading, this light is perfect for traveling as well and could be useful for navigating dark or unfamiliar hotel rooms

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