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Set Your Table With This Definitive Conversation Starter

* Features designs that mimic charcoal and pencil scribbles
* Made of silicone for easy clean-up
* Hand wash only

The MoMa Design Store is known for its exemplary designs and well-curated selection of products that highlight the latest in materials, production and design concepts from around the world. One example of such unique design is the Doodle and Scratch Silicone Placemat.

Designed by Naoki Ono and Yukki Yamamoto, these best-selling silicone placemats are said to mimic the scribbles that are often the starting point of great ideas. Set your tables and countertops with these placemats featuring designs that use the likenesses of charcoal and pencil scratchings.

These fun and functional placemats will look great on any modern dining table or granite counter top. In addition to placemats, consider using these as trivets in the center of any table to protect the surface, or giving as gifts as they will be a guaranteed conversation starter.

The artists, Ono and Yamamoto make up YOY, a Tokyo-based design unit that creates products that spark conversations and encourage storytelling. MoMA’s partnership with these artists and their placemats shows they have given their stamp of approval and adds to their discerning selection of design objects that highlight the latest in materials, production and concepts from around the world. Every piece selected for the stores has been reviewed and approved by MoMA curators.

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