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This Limited-Edition NARS Candle Radiates the Aura of Tahiti

* Limited-edition candle by NARS Cosmetics
* Made with paraffin-free black wax
* Approximately 70 hours of burn time

NARS is known for its coveted, limited-edition and top quality cosmetics that always create a serious buzz. The company has such a committed following that there are multiple products, such as the famously named “Orgasm” blush, that are a lifelong recurring purchase that continue to win over devoted fans.

The beauty industry is always looking to see what NARS comes up with next, with the initial launch of any product flying off the shelves. When we spied the most recent limited-edition product available, we were pleasantly surprised by the interesting choice.

NARS has been hooking us up sufficiently with makeup, so it was exciting to see that the brand has launched its very own line of candles. The idea is actually totally on brand and true to the creator’s vision for creating a more beautiful world.

At the core of the company, the creator of NARS Cosmetics, François Nars, aims to empower women to enhance their individuality, personal characteristics and natural beauty. Believing that aesthetic and style is in the eye of the beholder, of course the highly successful make-up artist’s number one rule is that there are no rules when it comes to the industry. Enter the NARS Monoi Candle.

monoi candle nars cosmetics

The fabulous Monoi Candle embodies everything we love about the NARS brand. Sleek and sexy packaging contains a cool black wax poured into a matte glass vessel adorned with that famous logo. The wax is infused with rich essential oils that create a luxurious, luscious fragrance that was created to radiate the aura of Tahiti. Notes of white frangipani, ylang-ylang, tiare blossom and vanilla are immersive and enveloping to enhance any room. The scent is sophisticated, clean and original.

The Monoi Candle has about 70 hours of burn time and is made with paraffin-free wax for optimal quality and longevity. The candle comes in a matching box, making it perfect for a gift or keeping it stored away for special occasions. This unique and alluring scent is a limited-edition release, so be sure to snag yours today.

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