The 10 Best Subscription Boxes You Should Order Right Now

subscription delivery box

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There’s still something exciting about receiving a package in the mail. It’s even better when a package is delivered every month. That’s why subscription boxes have become so popular in recent years – they combine the child-like anticipation of getting something in the mail, with the unadulterated joy of receiving unique and surprising finds that few other people will have.

No matter what your lifestyle, Cratejoy has a subscription box for you. When you subscribe to one of their boxes, you get a monthly delivery of cool, new and hard-to-find products, selected by a team of experts and enthusiasts and tailored to your likes. Categories include fashion, beauty, food, drink and pets, though there are some more obscure categories for niche hobbies as well. Ready to start browsing? Check out our 10 favorite picks from Cratejoy’s selection and order one for delivery today.

1. My First Reading Club
Kids who read do better in school and go further in life. Subscribers to this crate receive three age-appropriate books during the first week of every month. Choose between: Just Starting Out, Pre-readers 2-3 years old, Readers 4-5 years old, Readers 6-8 years old and Pre-teens. As a bonus, this crate comes with a free beauty gift for mom.

crate joy My First Reading Club

BUY: My First Reading Club, $9.99+

2. SinglesSwag
Carrie Bradshaw was single and fabulous; so are you. Celebrate your lack of romance with a monthly swag bag that includes accessories, bath and beauty products, artisan foods and self-improvement books. Also makes a great gift for that single friend who can’t stop talking about being single.


BUY: SinglesSwag, $24.99+

3. My Garden Box
This custom selection of plants and gardening accessories is perfect for the green thumb in your family. You can expect up to three live plants or bulbs, plus products for care and maintenance. With spring in bloom, this is the best time to plan out your annual garden, and this box is the perfect starter pack.

My Garden Box

BUY: My Garden Box, $29.50+

4. New Hobby Box
Every month, you’ll learn a new hobby until you can settle on one you love. Past hobbies have included soap-making, lock picking and crochet. Others have been scrimshaw, soldering, yoga and even making kombucha. At $30, it’s way cheaper – and less of an investment – than signing up for a class.

New Hobby Box

BUY: New Hobby Box, $29.99+

5. Goddess Provisions
If you’re looking to get centered, a monthly supply of goddess gifts is exactly what’s in order. Each month you’ll get 4-6 full-size items, such as crystals, aromatherapy and apothecary beauty products. You can also expect superfood snacks, teas, crystals, books and more. All products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Goddess Provisions

BUY: Goddess Provisions, $33.00+

6. CatLadyBox
Crate Joy calls this box “meowvelous” and we couldn’t agree more. If you’ve aged out of your SinglesSwag subscription, maybe it’s time to move onto a monthly delivery of treats for you and your and cats. Yes, it’s plural.


BUY: CatLadyBox, $34.99+

7. Runner Crate
A fresh supply of healthy snacks and running gear are shipped by the second week of each month. Plus you can earn prizes by completing monthly challenges, to keep your workout accountable.

Runner Crate

BUY: Runner Crate, $35.00+

8. The Dapper Dog Box
Spoil your pooch with a monthly supply of treats, bowties, bandanas and toys. The box is tailored to your dog’s size, and you can choose between grain-free and non grain-free treats.

The Dapper Dog Box

BUY: The Dapper Dog Box, $39.99+

9. Cigarsified Co.
No matter your cigar experience level, you’ll love having a monthly supply of premium cigars delivered to your door each month. The subscription comes with accessories and a travel case, too.

Cigarsified Co.

BUY: Cigarsified Co., $45.00

10. Shaker & Spoon
You’ll love liquor even more than you do now when you subscribe to these cocktail recipes. The delivery packs three recipes with enough ingredients to make four drinks each. They send the syrups, bitters, garnishes and citrus. All you need to bring is the booze – and the party.

Shaker & Spoon

BUY: Shaker & Spoon, $50.00+

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