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How to Make Business Cards From Old T-Shirts

* MOO is now making cotton business cards from recycled t-shirts
* If you don’t think business cards are important today, think again
* Business cards have been circulating since at least the 15th century, if not longer

In today’s hyper connected world and given the proliferation of social media, it’s easier now than any time in history to stay connected. So why are we still using business cards? Because they’re still important.

MOO, the company who has been printing high quality business cards at a fair price, are now using recycled bits of tees to make 100% cotton business cards. Why cotton? According to MOO, a cotton card is better than paper in three significant ways: colors print more vividly, they’re lightweight with a nice feel, and they come out bright white with a slight texture. Plus, it’s eco-friendly, with MOO taking scraps left over from making T-shirts and putting them to use.

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Why, though, are we still printing and circulating business cards? According to The Economist, “Business cards have been around a long time in one form or another. The Chinese invented calling cards in the 15th century to give people notice that they intended to visit. European merchants invented trade cards in the 17th century to act as miniature advertisements.”

In other words: business cards set you apart and help sell you — and your talents — to those around you. With technology being what it is now, you’d think we would have rid ourselves of this tradition but really, if you can recall that one scene in American Psycho involving business cards, then it makes a bit more sense.

Head to, then choose the size, shape and design of your cotton business cards. A pack of 50 cards starts at just $26.99. The more you order the cheaper it gets. And every pack comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In a world of so much of the same, stand out with a novel business card that happens to have its own noteworthy backstory.

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