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Hundreds Of People Are Using This Jar To Decide What To Save, Spend and Share

* The first piggy bank to actually help your child learn how to save, spend and share
* Features a removable acrylic lid, passbook, family guide
* The durable tin build and colorful design mean it looks great anywhere

When a simple piggy bank just isn’t enough, this three-part money jar helps kids learn to save, spend and share money like never before. Featuring dedicated color-coded compartments, kids (and other family members) can easily designate how their spare change is saved — and spent.

As timeless as it is classic, this durable tin money box measures roughly 5X5X5 inches and looks great anywhere. You can rest it on the kitchen counter, in the living room, on the table in the garage, or anywhere else you deem fit.

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If that wasn’t enough, this set also includes a removable acrylic lid, passbook and a family guide to help teach your kids the value of money. It even comes with its own mini account book so you and your fam can help keep track of all your minute saving and spending habits. And unlike other piggy banks, this one actually encourages your child to share the wealth — so to speak.

As an Amazon bestseller and multiple award winner, Moonjar’s classic moneybox sets have been teaching kids the value of saving since 2001. Great for both kids and adults, the convenient design and packaging make it easier to see your savings progress.