Up Your Desk Decor Game With A Moss + Twig Terrarium

Moss + Twig terrarium kit Land
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* A pair of miniature tabletop terrariums that bring nature inside
* Includes two terrariums: aquatic moss and ground moss
* Simple assembly and requires minimal maintenance

These miniature worlds are a great way to inject some nature into your home. Whether you want to liven up a kitchen windowsill or a bare desk, these minimalist tabletop terrariums provide endless settings for your daydreams.

Included in this Moss + Twig Land and Sea Terrarium Set, you will find two jar-sized terrariums – one that’s aquatic and one with ground moss. These are both set on an Oregon myrtle wood display block.

Both terrariums are easy to set up and include everything you need for a thriving environment. The aquatic terrarium comes with one Marimo moss ball, stones, a decorative sea fern and sand. To begin your aquatic environment, you just need to add tap water to the container and replace it every three weeks.

To add to the appeal of this set, the Marimo moss ball is an uncommon form of moss which can only be found in freshwater lakes and rivers. Its velvety appearance and minimal maintenance requirements make it perfect for life in the aquatic jar.


The second jar contains the ground moss terrarium and includes dormant moss, several filter media (pebbles, filter moss, soil and carbon), planting chopsticks, a fake mushroom and piece of decorative bark to complete your miniature world. Because the ground moss terrarium houses its very own tiny ecosystem, it only requires watering a couple of times a month, and it requires no forms of fertilization.

This Moss + Twig terrarium set is perfect for a housewarming party or as congratulations on a new job. The simple startup and aesthetic appeal make this set ideal for any house, even those belonging to people without a green thumb.

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