The Most Comfortable Couches You Can Buy in 2022, According to Interior Design Experts

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From movie marathons to game days to weekend naps, the couch is where most of us go when we want to kick back and relax. It’s the heart of chilling for any household, making it imperative you pick one that you don’t just like the look of, but can easily unwind on as well. Couches, especially the super-comfortable, worthwhile ones tend to be expensive. That’s why we put together a guide for finding the best and most comfortable couch, in your budget, that you’ll use for years to come.

In this guide, you’ll find answers to common questions about couch buying, as well as expert guidance on how to find your next great piece of furniture. You’ll also find some of our favorite product picks for the most comfortable couch of 2022. It’s a toss up between a whole host of brands, we’ll let you be the judge.

What to Consider Before Buying a Couch


Comfort always ranks high when shopping for a sofa or couch. But you also don’t want to sacrifice style when buying a comfortable couch; the best couches combine good looks with features like deep seats and soft yet supportive cushions.


I asked our go-to furniture experts, Mark Cutler and Nichole Schulze of cutlerschulze, an LA-based interior design firm for the stars, what makes a couch actually comfortable, and how they recommend consumers go about finding one that fits their lifestyle. Note: Quotes have been lightly edited for grammar and clarity.

“Firstly think about how you use a sofa. For some it is sitting up while reading or even working at your coffee table on a laptop. For others it’s laying, watching the game on TV. Both of these use cases require you look at different types of sofas.”

They went on to say “[For the] first I would suggest a tight upholstered back and a couple of throw cushions will give you the most flexible seating options. For the second definitely a loose back cushion so you can move it out of the way, increasing the area you can lay on, almost to the size of a bed.”


They noted the next choice is size, as calculating how much space a sofa will take up in your living room is crucial. Even moreso, you’ll want to pay attention to ALL dimensions, like whether or not your elevator is big enough to fit the couch you’re trying to move, as many delivery companies won’t deliver without access to an elevator.


Lastly, Cutler and Schulze recommended paying attention to the fill of the couch, and how much maintenance you’ll need to do based on it.

“Now look at the composition of the sofa. Is it 100% down, a blend, or 100% dacron? All of these things will affect the softness of the sit.”

They went on to add, over email, that “Another thing to consider is maintenance. While a down sofa is great, it requires you to regularly fluff and turn the pillows or you will end up with a sad, saggy mess surprisingly quickly.”


1. Floyd The Sofa


It’s not just a sofa — it’s the sofa. Floyd makes just a few things, but it does them well. The sofa has a unique mid-century modern inspired design, with seats and cushions that sit on top of a frame. It’s customizable, and it’s designed to be assembled and disassembled with ease. That makes it a great apartment solution for anyone who expects to eventually move.

most comfortable couches Image Courtesy of Floyd

2. Burrow Custom Couches


Burrow’s custom sectional sofas are a zillennial hit among the younger apartment-dwelling crowds for their flexible modular designs and stain-resistant fabrics. The modular design makes these sofas super easy to move, and they offer larger sections all the way down to 2-person loveseats for smaller apartments. Burrow also implements modern features, like a built-in USB charger, and the cushions are designed for long-lasting comfort.

Burrow couch, most comfortable couches Courtesy of Burrow

2. West Elm Harmony Sofa


The West Elm Harmony couch is customizable, so you can find the one that’s right for your space. There are four widths available. You can even choose the depth of the couch, so go for 47″ depth if you want something you can completely sink into. It has a simple look that can suit a variety of tastes, and the movable pillows allow you to switch between nap mode and TV time.

most comfortable couches Image Courtesy of West Elm

3. AllModern Hailee Genuine Leather Square Arm Sofa


Leather doesn’t always start out the most comfortable, but it wears in beautifully and gets more comfortable over time. This comfortable couch from All Modern is made from genuine leather and comes in brown or black leather. It’s slightly more on the firm side, so it’s best suited for TV viewing and get-togethers. That said, plenty of reviewers gave the couch high marks on the nap scale.

most comfortable couches Image Courtesy of Wayfair

4. Vesper Sleeper Sofa


A sleeper sofa can be a great option for anyone who has regular guests. Or, if you live in a small apartment and don’t have space for a bed, a sleeper sofa can allow your largest piece of furniture to perform double duty. It’s wide and deep for cozy couch sitting, and the bed easily pulls out once bedtime rolls around.

most comfortable couches Image Courtesy of Design Within Reach

5. Barrow Chesterfield Sofa


Maybe the thing that makes you feel the most comfortable is extreme luxury. In that case, a Chesterfield is the sofa for you. It’s available in tons of fabrics and colors, including fabric, leather and cotton velvet.

most comfortable couches Image Courtesy of Frontgate

6. AllModern Lark 84” Sofa


AllModern is a great resource for anyone looking for reasonably priced furniture that can fit in a wide variety of spaces. The Lark sofa is a stylish option made from velvet. The seat and back have a comfortable foam fill. It has comfortable back cushions with more firm seat cushions.

most comfortable couches Image Courtesy of AllModern

7. Shullsburg 96” Sofa


If you’re looking less for style and more for pure relaxation, this comfortable couch from Shullsburg is a good option to get. It has two seats that can individually recline using the latches on the side of the sofa. It has ample padding for long-lasting comfort.

most comfortable couches Image Courtesy of Wayfair

8. HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa


This comfortable couch is affordable considering its large size. The U-shape sectional allows multiple people to lie down and take a nap. The sofa has a modular design, meaning you can swap between a U-shape or an L-shape. as well as convenient storage space for a more organized living room.

most comfortable couches Image Courtesy of Amazon

9. Mistana Boevange-Sur-Attert Round Arm Sofa


If you’re going for a more modern, design-oriented couch this is a great pick with nice sturdy back support. It’s perfect for those who do a lot of work on the couch or need to sit upright most of the time. It has a standard seat depth, so you won’t be sinking into it too much, and the soft velvet upholstery will keep you nice and cozy.

Boevange sofa, most comfortable couches Courtesy of Wayfair



10. Joybird Bryant Sofa


Cutler and Schulze recommended Joybird for small spaces, like apartments, for people who are still looking for a retro, trendy vibe. Their Bryant sofa is designed for a relaxed, modern vibe that combines soft comfort with sturdy support. The cushions are covered with flame-retardant, stain-resistant material and the frame is exclusive to this brand. The couch comes fully assembled with a low-slung shape and deep-seated frame and throw pillows for extra comfort.

Joybird couch, most comfortable couches Courtesy of Joybird


What Makes a Couch Comfortable?

What makes a couch comfortable? According to the experts we talked to, it’s a combination of the filler material, dimensions of the seat and back and how your body fits on the couch.

Farah Merhi, style and design expert and owner of the Instagram account @inspire_me_home_decor, which has amassed over 6 million followers, noted that for her “one of the most important features of a couch that makes it comfortable is the depth of the seat. The deeper the seat cushion, the more room there is to sit back, lay down, or curl up, and this makes them feel cozier and more comfortable.”

She noted that “another consideration would be whether you can comfortably sleep on the sofa or not. While you’ll most often stretch out for a short nap or a long Netflix binge session, having enough space to actually sleep on your couch is essential. For us, our deep-seated sofa often transforms into a pseudo-bed when our kids have sleepovers, or we have a lot of guests.”


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