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This LED Toilet Light is a Must if You Always Have to Get Up to Pee in The Middle of Night

* Prevent crashing into things when you make a midnight bathroom run
* Has 16 different colors and 5 brightness settings
* Motion activated, and will automatically switch off

We’ve all been there: you’ve had too much water (or wine) before bed and your bladder wakes you up in the middle of the night. Que the stubbing of toes, bruising of shins and silent cursing. Well, this may be a problem of the past now with the introduction of this

. It detects motion from within five feet, and will also automatically switch off if no motion is detected for 64 seconds, which helps to save battery life. It also has dual sensors that are aware of low-level light, so it knows not to switch on during the day, or when the bathroom light is on.

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Choose between sixteen different colors, which can either work in rotation, or as a solid color using a control button. It has 170 degrees of light coverage, and you can also select between five brightness levels. The flexible attached arm is easily added to any toilet, and its powered by AA batteries, which will keep it going for up to ten months.