Sensory Awareness: The 6 Best Motion-Sensing Lights Under $30

motion-sensing light
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* Turn on and off automatically
* Light up stairwells, closets, cabinets, any dark area
* Keep your home safe

Having plenty of light helps you see where you’re going and can increase safety, but having lights installed professionally can be expensive. And leaving lights on while you’re away from the house can run up your power bill. Here are a several smart options that cost little and save a lot.

1. Magictec Motion Sensor Lights, 4-pack

Get more brightness for your buck with this 4-pack of Magictec Motion Sensor Lights. They utilize ultra-bright LEDs with a 6 bulb 20-lumen output. The have adhesive pads for easy sticking anywhere and come with batteries included. They’re great for staircases, bedrooms, hallways, kitchen, closets, cabinets and more.

motion-sensing light Image Courtesy of Amazon


2. URPOWER Motion Sensor Lights

Light any path you like with these URPOWER Motion Sensor Lights. They’re battery powered and stick anywhere so you don’t have to install them or place them near a power outlet. And they automatically turn on when motion is detected within seven feet.

motion-sensing light Image Courtesy of Amazon


3. AMIR 3-Mode Motion Sensor Lights

You’ll never stumble in the dark when you have these super bright AMIR 3-Mode Motion Sensor Lights. They’re energy efficient and look sleek and stylish, so you don’t have to worry about them creating an eyesore.

motion-sensing light Image Courtesy of Amazon


4. AMIR Motion Sensor Light, 6-pack

The AMIR Motion Sensor Light 6-pack is a great solution if you have a number of places you need to illuminate. Each light is super bright, turns on within 10 feet and turns off automatically after 15 seconds of no motion being detected. They’re simple to install, battery operated and let you add light where none exists.

motion-sensing light Image Courtesy of Amazon


5. Diotem Motion Sensor Lights, 2-pack

You’ll have no problem seeing where you’re going with these Diotem Motion Sensor Lights. They activate automatically once you step within 10 feet. And they shut off as soon as you leave. Even better, they’re USB rechargeable, so they always work when you need them. Great for in and out of the house.

motion-sensing light Image Courtesy of Amazon


6. AMIR Motion Sensing Closet Lights, 3-Pack

These AMIR Motion Sensing Closet Lights make it easy to pick out your clothes before the sun rises. The strip style provides a wide swath of light to see everything clearly. They stick to any flat surface. And they turn on when you open the closet door and turn off when you close it.

motion-sensing light Image Courtesy of Amazon

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