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A Mouthwash Dispenser Brings Convenience and Style to Your Bathroom Setup

When it comes to optimal oral hygiene, the time it takes to correctly brush, floss and wash your mouth out with mouthwash can quickly add up. By ensuring each part of this three-step routine is as easy and convenient as possible, you maximize the chance of regular completion. For this reason, we suggest adding a mouthwash dispenser to your bathroom setup. Read on to discover why one of the best mouthwash dispensers could be the piece of your bathroom routine you’ve been missing.

A mouthwash dispenser is a container, usually a bottle, which gives you an easy way to store, display and distribute mouthwash. While some people may not be overly familiar with these bathroom additions, choosing to use a mouthwash dispenser instead of a store-bought plastic bottle provides a number of benefits. These include:

  • Presentation – A plastic, store-bought bottle does nothing for your bathroom aesthetic. If anything, it detracts from the appearance as it looks like someone just left a bottle lying around. The right mouthwash dispenser has a purposeful look and can also bring a touch of style, especially when it’s paired with the right color of mouthwash.
  • Hygiene – A lot of mouthwash dispensers come supplied with accompanying cups, making it easier and more hygienic to share mouthwash from the same bottle. These cups, along with the dispensers are often more easily cleaned and make distributing mouthwash an easier task, too.
  • Convenience – Having mouthwash out in the open and more easily accessible makes it more likely you’ll find the time to use it. This is true for both adults and children.

Scroll down to discover our top picks for the best mouthwash dispenser. We’ve included mouthwash dispensers for every kind of household. You’ll find fancy options for adding a touch of style alongside more functional vessels which provide a large amount of liquid storage for homes with more inhabitants.


1. AOZITA Glass Mouthwash Dispenser Set


This AOZITA Glass Mouthwash Dispenser Set comes with everything you need for handy convenience and an attractive presentation of your mouthwash. The multi-piece set includes two 16-ounce bottles, two 25-milliliter shot glasses and liquid-identifying labels. This popular product has also received more than 4,500 five-star ratings from Amazon users who particularly enjoy the easy-pour spouts, which offer control and consistent pouring to minimize the chance of spillage. To further maintain bathroom cleanliness, you’ll find a handy funnel for greater accuracy when filling the bottle with mouthwash liquid.

mouthwash dispenser aozita


2. Onsogi White Glass Mouthwash Dispenser


With its sub-$10 price tag and farmhouse-inspired appearance, this Onsogi White Glass Mouthwash Dispenser is a budget-friendly way to bring class to your bathroom arrangement. For ease of use, the dispenser’s plastic pump delivers just the right amount of mouthwash per pump. The dispenser also features the word “mouthwash” in easy-to-read lettering on the outside to help prevent any accidental misidentification.

mouthwash dispenser onsogi white glass


3. GIXSEGIE Glass Mouthwash Dispenser Set


This GIXSEGIE Glass Mouthwash Dispenser Set is another multi-piece option that is popular with Amazon users. Alongside the two 15-ounce glass bottles, you’ll find pour spouts, reusable cups, a funnel, labels and a handy tray for storing the pieces. For greater aesthetic appeal, the bottles feature a vertical striped design while the tray is colored gold. Furthermore, the high-quality construction of the pieces in the set ensures you’ll get years of use, in addition to organizing your bathroom counter at the same time.

mouthwash dispenser gixsegie


4. Jarmazing Products Glass Pint Jar Dispenser


If all you need is a simple, stylish and convenient way to store and dispense mouthwash that isn’t the plastic bottle you buy from the store, this Jarmazing Products Glass Pint Jar Dispenser could be your answer. The mildew-resistant, 16-ounce bottle is available in a range of colors, including blue, copper and clear, and features a bird-head dispenser that is made from metal to provide greater durability. In addition, this versatile bathroom addition is made from food-grade HDPE and BPA-free plastic and can also be used to house liquid soaps, lotions and other dispenser-compatible products.

mouthwash dispenser jarmazing products


5. DOERDO Bedside Water Carafe


With its large 20-ounce capacity, this DOERDO Bedside Water Carafe is an ideal choice for busy households or users who like to minimize refilling regularity. The simple yet functional upright design doesn’t waste counter space and includes a cup-cum-lid, further maximizing the carafe’s space-optimizing design. The carafe is also constructed from a borosilicate glass material, making it more durable, harder to break and easier to clean.

mouthwash dispenser doerdo bedside carafe


6. Sattyge Glass Mouthwash Dispenser


In addition to arranging and displaying your mouthwash in an appealing way, this Sattyge Glass Mouthwash Dispenser keeps your toothbrushes and other bathroom pieces neatly organized. It’s available in either deep or light gray and sports a hollow design which helps prevent sitting water and rust from occurring. For dealing with mouthwash, the set includes a large, 25-ounce mouthwash bottle and two accompanying seven-ounce reusable cups, one of which can be used as a lid for the bottle.

sattyge mouthwash tray dispenser


7. OnDisplay Luxury Acrylic Mouthwash Pump Caddy


The OnDisplay Luxury Acrylic Mouthwash Pump Caddy may have more of an everyday, functional look to it, but that doesn’t make it any less useful. At 6.3 by 3.5 by 7.9 inches, the mouthwash dispenser provides plenty of space for storing liquids. The heavy-duty, clear molded acrylic construction also makes it impressively durable and easier to clean. Plus, the mouthwash dispenser’s pump sports a stylish chrome finish, while the attached holder makes storing disposable cups an easy task.

ondisplay luxury acrylic mouthwash dispenser


8. Alsisk Glass Mouthwash Dispenser


This Alsisk Glass Mouthwash Dispenser Mouth Washer features the largest capacity of any mouthwash dispenser on our list. At 32 ounces, it’s made for households with a lot of mouthwashes, or for someone who hates having to refill things. Each depression of the BPA-free pump delivers around 1/4 fluid ounce of liquid. The dispenser’s clean, clear appearance also means it won’t take away from your bathroom aesthetic but can add a little color with the right choice of mouthwash.

alsisk glass mouthwash dispenser


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