Get This Gold Plated Multifunction Pen Before Your Next Big Meeting

Cross Tech3+ 23Kt Gold Plate Multifunction
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* 23 karat gold plating turns this pen into a style statement
* Black & red ballpoint, pencil, eraser and stylus
* Comes in a gift box

When you walk into a big meeting, every detail says something important about you. You may have perfectly polished shoes and wrinkle-free clothes, but do those things tell the whole story?

To really let them know you can get things done, you need a pen that’s up to any task. The Tech3+ Multifunction Pen from Cross is just that. It includes a black ballpoint, red ballpoint, pencil, hidden eraser and touchscreen stylus.

First the obvious: 23 karat gold plating turns this pen into a professional style statement. The classic Cross incised line-patterned engraving completes the visual statement.

You can easily switch functions, thanks to innovative twist technology. Additionally, the Tech3+ Multifunction Pen comes with refills: a black medium ballpoint refill, a red medium ballpoint refill, three 5mm Pencil leads and one pencil eraser.

As if it couldn’t get any better, the Tech3+ Multifunction Pen is delivered in a gift box, making it a great gift for the guy in your life who just graduated or got a new job.

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