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Make a Design Statement With Mural Wallpaper

Tired of looking at bare walls in your home or office, but not sure how to inject some color and personality into your space? We get it. Committing to a paint color can feel very permanent and if you’re renting your home, painting may not be an option. Displaying artwork is a great way to make a room feel finished, but what if you’re looking for something a little bigger and bolder? It’s time to check out mural wallpaper.

Gone are the days are dealing with messy, sticky paste that permanently adheres wallpaper to surfaces. Don’t even get us started on trying to remove this type of permanent wall décor (check out our tips on how to get rid of old wallpaper). Now, many companies are specializing in sticky wallpaper that is much easier to install and can be removed with minimal effort. While this type of removable wallpaper can be used on entire rooms, there’s also been an increase in mural wallpaper that is ideal for statement walls.

Mural wallpapers offer several benefits:

  • It can act as a focal point to make small rooms feel larger.
  • It can create a finished look in larger rooms that need a design element.
  • Mural wallpaper that creates a statement wall offers a more affordable alternative to wallpapering an entire room.
  • Installing mural wallpaper is a great DIY project for amateur designers.
  • Mural wallpaper offers a more temporary design option compared to paint or wallpaper used on each wall in a room. A removable mural is great for an office that may eventually be turned into a nursery or the bedroom of a child whose taste may change in a few years.

Ready to add color, texture, depth and some fun to your space? Check out the best mural wallpaper below.

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1. West Elm Modern Mural Wallpaper


West Elm is focused on quality over quantity with their removable wallpaper options and that includes murals. The home furniture company has several high-end murals to choose from and most fit with the company’s modern aesthetic. The Mondrian-inspired mural turns a wall into a piece of modern art. The bold mural is designed on paper that is PVC-free, made from a renewable wood fiber-based substrate and arrives pre-pasted. The Modern Mural Wallpaper is only available in a 144″ by 96″ dimension, but its Avant-Garde aesthetic makes it possible to install on a larger wall since it looks like a piece of art.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of West Elm

2. Ebern Designs Cloverly Library Wall Mural at Wayfair


Wayfair has one of the biggest selections of mural wallpaper available anywhere. The online retail giant has a mural for every room in the home, with designers that specialize in kid’s rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and more. From modern pieces to murals that turn your blank wall into a beach oasis, if you can’t find what you want in mural wallpaper on Wayfair, it may not exist. One of our favorites is the Ebern Designs Cloverly Library Wall Mural, which works in an office, living room, or bedroom. We especially appreciate the library-vibe for anyone who has made the switch to e-books but still loves to show off their stacks (of books).

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Wayfair

3. WallAPlus Custom 3D Wallpaper by Etsy


Etsy is another great resource to check out for mural wallpaper. Whether you need some inspiration or have a specific look in mind, there’s a good chance Etsy has what you’re looking for in mural wallpaper. We especially like the WallAPlus Custom 3D Wallpaper that brings to life a mural featuring two peacocks. Customers can choose from Textured Nonwoven Wallpaper, Textured Nonwoven Back Vinyl Wallpaper, and Peel and Stick Foil Paper. We also like that WallAPlus sells small sample pieces to help customers get an idea of whether the mural will be a good fit for their space.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Etsy

4. Grounded Mural by York Wallcoverings at Anthropologie


Part abstract, part beach landscape, all completely relaxing, the Grounded Mural by York Wallcoverings is all kinds of cool (tones). With plenty of blues and greys, the Grounded Mural will work with most neutral pieces of furniture. We like that it fits in with a bedroom, living room, and even a hallway.

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Courtesy of Anthropologie


5. Brewster Geometrix Wall Mural


Home Depot is all about helping people become DIY experts and that includes installing wallpaper. The home improvement retailer has dozens of wallpaper designs to choose from, including several murals. The Brewster Geometrix Wall Mural makes it easy to inject large pops of color into a space and we like that the modern design still allows for customers to hang art on top of the mural if they choose.

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Courtesy of Home Depot

6. City Sketch by Wallpaper Direct


For a design that straddles several decors, including contemporary, modern, and whimsical, we like the City Sketch by Wallpaper Direct. The online retailer has one of the biggest inventories of removable mural wallpaper designs and the City Sketch option is one of our favorites. Using a chalk colorway, the City Sketch uses bold lines to create a universal metropolitan cityscape. Great for an office or living room, the subdued color palette makes this an excellent mural to pair with bold and bright furniture.

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Courtesy of Wallpaper Direct

7. Woodlands by Hovia


Tree-filled landscapes are a big seller for mural wallpaper thanks to their soothing effect. Appropriate for living rooms, bedrooms and hallways, nature landscapes make it easy for customers to visualize their happy place and bring the outdoors inside for a calming feel. The Woodlands mural by Hovia has an ombre finish with a light top that makes it appropriate for both large and small rooms since it won’t overpower small spaces and will help make walls appear higher.

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Courtesy of Hovia

8. The Great Wave of Kanagawa Wall Mural by Limitless Walls


Limitless Walls has a selection of mural wallpaper that feels, well, limitless. Thankfully, the company has organized its offerings into several categories that help narrow down the search. We especially like their Fine Art Wall Murals category, which turns well-known pieces of fine art into large-scale masterpieces. Create a Monet wall in your home, put the Sistine Chapel on your ceiling or feel like you’re riding the Great Wave of Kanagawa in your living room.

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Courtesy of Limitless Walls

9. Timepiece Moonstone Bespoke Mural by Graham & Brown


For a mural that brings in both masculine and feminine elements in a design that will please everyone, there’s the Timepiece Moonstone Bespoke Mural. Graham & Brown features some of the richest and most unique wall murals available and that includes the Timepiece Moonstone Bespoke option, which is available in three colors and combines florals and clean lines for a look that is both soft and modern.

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Courtesy of Graham & Brown

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