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Elevate Your Art Collection With This Limited Edition Photograph by a Hollywood Legend

* Shot by Harold Lloyd, silent film legend and acclaimed photographer
* Beautifully framed for display
* Limited edition, numbered fine art photography

Harold Lloyd, known for his work as the top-grossing comedian of Hollywood’s silent film era alongside the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, also had a hobby: “stereoscopic” or three-dimensional photography. By the 1950s, nearly all of the top stars and luminaries including Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and even General Douglas MacArthur had been captured by Lloyd, after he found his passion behind the camera. He used a twin lens camera that exposed two frames of film at once to create the 3-D effect that his color photographs are known for.

Now you can own a certified, numbered, limited edition (just 495 available) of one of Lloyd’s most exuberant works, “Muscle Beach.” Taken in 1950 in Santa Monica, CA, the photograph is an ode to youth and eternal summer, and will look lively in your home or office.

Lloyd spent the last few decades of his life traveling the world to pursue his beloved hobby, which interestingly enough, he never considered to be an art form like acting. By the time of his death in 1971, he had shot over 300,000 stereo slides.

“Muscle Beach,” an iconic representation of Lloyd’s lively and vibrant aesthetic and this high quality print is printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper and framed in a clean, white wood (19 ½ inches x 15.6 inches). A certificate of authenticity and edition number is featured on the back of the frame.

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