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Outside In: The 7 Best Natural Wood Furniture for Organic Home Style

* One of the latest home decor trends is natural wood furniture
* Adds character and texture to any room
* Options for coffee tables, shelves and benches

One of the biggest home decor trends emerging in 2017 is natural wood. The right piece of unfinished wood furniture can add depth and charm to any room, and won’t require a complete decor overhaul. There are plenty of ways you can work natural wood into your home, but to help get started we put together this list of seven great pieces that will instantly add organic texture.

1. MyGift Wall-Mounted Box Shelves

These shelves come as three floating, interlocking boxes that are mounted on the wall and lend a very modern feel. But their rustic, unfinished look gives them versatility, and makes them a great place to showcase keepsakes, photos and trinkets.


2. Raw Edged Wood Slab

If you just want a small touch of natural wood, this 13×20-inch slab is ideal. Use it as a place to show nick-nacks, or as a unique serving board for guests.

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3. American Trails Maple Bookcase

American Trails’ lightweight natural maple bookcase works in any room and offers ample shelf space for real utility. It’s slim and leans against the wall, making it ideal for small rooms or hallways.

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4. Wood Slice Coffee Table

Arguably the most effective piece of natural wood furniture is the slab coffee table. In the past few years, we’ve seen them used in every kind of house with the same charismatic effect. This one from cost plus is made in Indonesia, uses simple steel legs to keep your attention on the handsome slab–and only costs $230.

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5. Dakota Live Edge Round Mirror

This framed mirror is made of handcrafted natural mango wood, and it adds sophisticated edge to any room. It’s perfect for a put-together foyer or bathroom, and makes offers understated accent to the space.

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6. Live Edge Dining Table Bench

A dining bench is a great way to add large amounts of seating to a table, and it gives a more casual vibe. This one is made of cherry oak with a live edge. It has a chic farmhouse feel.

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7. Niangua Furniture Rustic Coffee Table

Another great natural wood coffee table is this one by Niangua Furniture. Each is handmade from cedar slabs harvested in the Ozark forests of Missouri, and features copper piping that adds to the rustic feel.

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