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Industrial Meets Natural in this High Fashion Foot Stool

  •  * Natural teak wood material 
  •  * Opaque crystalline resin finish  
  •  * Unique and artisan crafted

This unique wood and resin footstool brings an exotic, hand-crafted appeal to any living room or seating arrangement. Constructed with beautiful, shimmering crystal resin and smooth polished teak wood, this is a truly exceptional piece of decor. It goes great in any rustic or industrial-themed room, and with its mix of clean, crisp lines and natural organic textures, it fits in well with both vintage and modern living room sets as well.

Standing about 17” high and 12” wide, this footstool fills what is an often overlooked role in setting up a comfortable room for entertaining. Not only does it give you and your guests somewhere to put your feet (or put down their drink; the stool doubles as a cool coffee table), it also works as a conversation piece, thanks to the mysterious, exotic look of its mixed-materials finish.

This footstool starts out as a piece of natural unfinished teak wood, the same kind commonly used on the decks of sailing yachts. It then gets a distressed finish and is polished and inlaid with crystalline resin, giving it an otherworldly, dreamy appearance, like some fossilized artifact from another time.

It is then cut to shape, preserving the irregularities of texture and the natural grain of the teak wood. The mix of natural materials calls to mind the processes of time, the resin inlay preserving the effects of the sea and the wind on the naturally-finished teak wood.

The stark contrast of the knotted wood and organic surface textures and the clean, sharp lines of the cube make for an interesting juxtaposition as well, taking this footstool out of the dust-bin of “shabby chic” and into the world of modern, high-fashion home decor. It looks right at home on polished cement loft-style floors as well as on hardwood and carpeted surfaces. Get one for your bedroom too as a chic and unconventional side table.

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