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Bring the Seashore Home With This Cape Cod Style Light

* Rope lantern with a nautical, Cape Cod-inspired design
* Created by Boston International, a MoMA collaborating brand
* Holds a candle for illumination and can be used indoors or outdoors

Cape Cod is quintessential summer. The sand, the sun and the water all add up to a fun and festive atmosphere. Unfortunately, we all can’t be at the Cape 24/7, but now you can bring a little piece of the East Coast into your home with this Cape Cod style rope lantern.

This decorative glass lantern is designed to hold one candle for illuminating your indoor and outdoor spaces. It measures approximately 10 inches high with a 6-inch diameter. As a sizable addition to a table or other lighting display, this piece fits in best with other nautical themed decor.

The bottom is wrapped with brown rope. The rope theme continues around the mouth of the jar and into the handle, which can be used to hang the lantern or left to rest on the side of the glass container.

Better yet, this Cape Cod style rope lantern was designed by Boston International (BI). Started in 1986, BI has grown from a boutique line of paper products to a home design firm that collaborates with New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. With a focus on fine design and well-made yet affordable products, Boston International is a home decor brand to watch.

If you’re itching for the East Coast without any vacation days to spare, bring a little summer to your home with this rustic rope lantern.

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