Glow Stick: 9 Neon Signs to Put Up on Your Wall

good vibes only neon sign
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* Decorate your office, game room or man cave with these striking neon signs
* Ready to use and simple to hang
* Environmentally friendly and energy saving

Neon is having a moment. Neon signs have had a long history starting in the 1920s and exploding in popularity through the 1960s. Gradually, their popularity began to decline as businesses started finding less expensive ways to advertise. However, stylishness and more importantly, appreciation, have not diminished, and to this day, neon signage is still a staple in trendy coffee shops, restaurants and stores.

We have rounded up some cool examples of neon signage and decorative artwork that would look great hung over a fully stocked bar, or in your bedroom or living area for all to see and admire.

1. White Cloud Neon Sign

The White Cloud Neon Wall Sign is an LED, energy efficient light and is made of plastic, which makes it perfect to display in any children’s room (no shattered glass here). The light operates with a built-in adapter and comes with an easy on/off switch.

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2. Lightning Bolt Neon Sign

Another great option for kids rooms is this Lightening Bolt Neon Art Sign. Environmentally-friendly and safe, this light is hazard-free with no risk of glass breakage or leakage. Another LED option, it has low energy consumption and can be customized to any color you choose.

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3. Coffee Cup Neon Sign

The Coffee Cup Neon Sign is handmade, LED and made with non-fragile glass. Continuing the trend, this is energy saving and environmental friendly as well. This sign is the perfect decor for coffee shops, bars or even as a focal point to hang in your kitchen.

Neon Sign Topatom Image Courtesy Amazon


4. “It is What it is” Neon Sign

The handmade “it is what it is” neon sign is a customizable sign where you can choose any color that works for you and your decor. Environmentally sound and energy saving, this is another plug and play option for any room in your home, office or perfect as a gift for a high school grad. A reminder to not stress out and just take things as they come.

Neon Sign Kukuu Image Courtesy Amazon


5. “Do What You Love” Neon Sign

The “Do what you love” neon light sign is our next option. Made with 100% handcrafted glass, this eye-catching sign would look great in an office as a daily reminder to, well, really do what you love.

Neon Sign Prostar Image Courtesy Amazon


6. “Wild at Heart” Neon Sign

The “wild at heart” neon sign has a warm, mesmerizing glow and operates silently and more efficiently than incandescent bulbs. Installation is a breeze with its hang and plug-in setup and will make any room stand out.

Neon Sign Kukuu Image Courtesy Amazon


7. Lip Kiss Neon Sign

Our next pick is the neon lip sign. A great addition to any closet, makeup room or clothing store, this sign is durable, comes backed with a great warranty and fully customizable.

Neon Sign Kukuu Image Courtesy Amazon


8. “Cocktails & Dreams” Neon Sign

Next, we have our 80s nostalgia sign coming straight out of the 1988 film, Cocktail. The vibrant and colorful color scheme and large, clear “Cocktails & Dreams” slogan make this sign one you will want to show off—hang outdoors in the backyard or over a home bar or beer pub setting.

Neon Sign LDG Image Courtesy Amazon


9. “Good Vibes Only” Neon Sign

Lastly is the “Good Vibes Only” neon sign. Made from real glass with hot pink lettering when turned on, this sign casts a warm glow in any room in which it is displayed. You’ve seen this sign in trendy cafes and clothing boutiques, and now you can get one for yourself.

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