22 Neon Signs to Light Up Your Walls

neon sign of air jordan sneakers
Courtesy of MK Neon

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Neon is having a moment, and while you probably don’t want to add a pop of neon to your bedroom walls, neon may be the best thing to add to an office, bachelor pad, or your kid’s dorm room. It’s fun, it’s funky, and it shows personality in a seriously bright way. Plus, you can get anything from clouds or motivational sayings to custom quotes in lights. Shop below for some our favorite picks that won’t cost a fortune.

It’s important to note that neon signs have come a long way since their invention in the early 20th century. Today, there are two types of neon wall hangings. The first type is akin to the original neon sign. These artworks are still made up of gas-filled glass tubes. They are highly breakable and tend to be quite expensive. 

The second type of neon sign is the more modern LED neon. These are tubes filled with LED lights made to mimic neon. These types of signs are slightly cheaper than traditional neon and are much safer for use in children’s rooms and restaurants.

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We have rounded up some cool examples of neon signage and decorative artwork that would look great hung over a fully stocked bar, in a dorm room or living area for all to see and admire.

1. White Cloud Neon Sign


The White Cloud Neon Wall Sign is an LED, energy-efficient light and is made of plastic, which makes it perfect to display in any children’s room (no shattered glass here). The light operates with a built-in adapter and comes with an easy on/off switch. Plus, it’s small size makes it easy to display pretty much anywhere.

Neon Signs Chibuy Image Courtesy Amazon


2. Lightning Bolt Neon Sign


This Lightning Bolt Neon Art Sign is a great option for dorm rooms. Environmentally friendly and safe, this light is hazard-free with no risk of glass breakage or leakage. Plus, as an LED option, it offers low energy consumption and can be customized to any color you choose.

neon signs lightning bolt Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Coffee Cup Neon Sign


The Coffee Cup Neon Sign is handmade with non-fragile glass and LED lights. Continuing the trend, this sign is energy-saving and environmentally friendly as well. As a coffee cup, it makes an ideal addition to coffee shops, bars or as a kitchen focal point.

Neon Sign Topatom Image Courtesy Amazon


4. “It is What it is” Neon Sign


The handmade “It is what it is” neon sign is a customizable sign . That means you can choose any color that works for you and your decor. Environmentally sound and energy saving, this is another plug and play option for any room in your home or office. Alternatively, it’s a great gift for someone heading off to college. It serves as a reminder to not stress out and just take things as they come.

Neon Sign Kukuu Image Courtesy Amazon


5. Peace Sign Neon Lamp


A real neon sign, the adds a hip element to any room. The fact that it’s a lamp rather than a wall hanging means it’s also highly portable. These two facts make this particular piece of artwork ideal for students and dorm rooms. It’s 9 inches tall and comes complete with an anti-slip base.

Merkury Peace Sign Neon Light Courtesy of Amazon


6. “Do What You Love” Neon Sign


The “Do What You Love” neon light sign is our next option. Made with 100% handcrafted glass, this eye-catching sign would look great in an office as a daily reminder to, well, really do what you love. As an added bonus, it’s mounted on a clear, acrylic board for easy hanging on most walls.

Neon Sign Prostar Image Courtesy Amazon


7. Lady’s Back LED Neon Sign


Slightly racier than the other signs on our list, this piece of suggestive erotic art would make a great addition to any bachelor’s apartment or dorm room. Thanks to LED-filled silicone tubes, this light is brighter and safer than traditional neon. Plus, this light comes with a one-year warranty to protect against any accidental breakage.

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neon signs nude lady Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Pizza Neon Sign


If you love pizza or junk food in general, this is the best neon sign for you. Made by the artists at  Firefly Home and Decor, who are experts in neon sign production, this realistic piece of pizza features true hand-bent, gas-filled glass tubes. Made with eco-friendly LED silicone tubing and low voltage means it is rather energy efficient when compared to other true neon signs.

Firefly home and decor neon pizza light Courtesy of Amazon


9. “Cocktails & Dreams” Neon Sign


Next, we have an 80s nostalgia sign coming straight out of the 1988 film, Cocktail . The vibrant and colorful color scheme is eye catching. Plus, the large, clear “Cocktails & Dreams” slogan make this sign one you will want to show off—hang it outdoors in the backyard or over a home bar or beer pub setting.

Neon Sign LDG Image Courtesy Amazon


10. “Good Vibes Only” Neon Sign


Next on our list is the Good Vibes Only neon sign. Made from real glass with hot pink lettering, this sign casts a warm glow on any room in which it is displayed. You’ve probably seen this sign in trendy cafes and clothing boutiques, and now you can get one for yourself.

Good Vibes Only Neon SIgn Courtesy of Amazon

11. Sony Playstation Icon LED Light


Whether you’re playing GTO, God of War, or any of the other Playstation games, this LED-powered sign is the perfect accompaniment to your gaming. The symbols sit on a black shelf, making it easy to move it around the room. It’s powered by a USB cable, but does have a batteries option. What’s really cool about this neon-type light is that it has three settings: standard, phasing, and music reactive. The lights can dance to the music in the game.

SONY Playstation ICON LED Light Courtesy of Target


12. Neonetics Cars and Motorcycles LED Neon Sign


Turn your garage into a workshop with this awesome neon sign. A vintage 50s finned car seems to be roaring out from the base. The sign itself is a mix of LED and neon lights and has a wall mount with pull chain on/off switch.

Neonetics Cars and Motorcycles LED Neon Sign Courtesy of Wayfair



13. NeonBoutiqueCustom Dog LED Neon Sign


Show your love for your pooch with this cool lighted sign. NeonBoutique lives up to their name as the doggo can be customized by color and size. They even have a tabletop version if you’d rather it sat on a side table.

NeonBoutiqueCustom Dog Face Courtesy of Etsy



14. ElvaLightings Customizable Last Name Sign


You’ve heard of monogrammed towels and personalized wood signs, right? Go big, really big and show off your last name with this glowing neon sign. Place it on the entryway or foyer of your home, or that shows off your last name. You can place this personalized neon sign in your entryway or on your patio. The neon sign has a clear acrylic back and comes with a six-foot cord. You can choose the script and the color to really make your name shine.

ElvaLightings Custom Last Name Sign Courtesy of Etsy


15. SHEIN Dinosaur-Shaped Neon Light


Paleontologists big and small will get a kick out this green neon dino. Made from plastic, it’s very light and practically indestructible. All you need to power it is three AA batteries. You simply attach to the

SHEIN Dinosaur Neon Light Courtesy of SHEIN


16. HomeNeon Mountains Neon Sign


Instead of placing a basic painting over the couch, go bold with neon instead. This gorgeous mountain range, powered by neon is a modern way to show off your taste. If you’re a skier or love the iciness of winter, what could be better than a year-round reminder of the slopes that call to you.

homeneon mountains neon sign Courtesy of Etsy


17. UncleNeon Cute Cat Neon Sign


Finally, art to show off your love for your cat. In a sea of pet art that’s geared towards dogs, here’s something that shines almost as brightly as your cat’s love for you. This neon cat sign is lightweight and made from flexible LED tubing and the design is mounted on a clear acrylic base. It comes in 11 colors and three sizes: small (35 inches), medium (40 inches) and large (45 inches).

UncleNeon Cute Cat Neon Sign Courtesy of Etsy


18. ADVPRO Now Showing Film Movie Neon Sign


A great accessory to your home theater, den or dorm room. Movie lovers everywhere immediately recognize that iconic symbol. This neon sign is placed on a clear acrylic plaque. Easy to set up and easy to move. This is an LED neon style sign and has 3-D hand engraving. Not only is it eco-friendly and sturdier than neon glass tubing, it doesn’t get too hot or burn lots of amps. This sign comes in 13 color combinations.

ADVPRO Now Showing Film Movie Neon Sign Courtesy of Amazon


19. IMEGINA Hustle Neon Sign


Hang this sign over your work from home desk to remind you that hustling leads to bigger and better things. The sign can be hung from a chain or hung on the wall. It’s lightweight as it’s made with plastic lubing and powered with LED.

IMEGINA Hustle Neon Sign Courtesy of Amazon


20. MontessoriDesignShop Palm Tree Neon LED Light


When the workweek or school gets you down, take a gander at this brightly lit palm tree, and you’ll remember that the weekend is only a few days away…and it’s great inspo to use to plan a quick road trip. Made from LED, it doesn’t burn as much electric as true neon, and it has less heft too..

Courtesy of Etsy


21. HomeNeon Marijuana Plant Neon Sign


This neon marijuana leaf will either interest you or it won’t. But for the right apartment or home, it’s the perfect piece of artwork.

mariuana leaf neon sign Courtesy of Etsy

22. MK Neon Air Jordan Neon Sign


We’ve featured this neon sign on the site before, and it’s one of the best gifts for snearkerheads. This Nike-inspired neon sign comes courtesy of MK Neon, and it’s a great addition to any hypebeast’s sneaker collection.

air jordan neon sign Courtesy of MK Neon


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