New Digital Frame Worth a Thousand Pictures

EO2 digital wall art display
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* Clean, modern design blends in with any decor scheme
* 23-inch, 1080p display screen for digital projection
* Massive library to choose from so you can switch out images

The EO2 Digital Art Display is an unobtrusive, almost austere way to showcase images in a home. Centered around the idea of a “magic picture frame,” like something out of Harry Potter, it doesn’t call too much attention to itself as a device. Casually walking by, you could easily mistake the EO2 Digital Art Display as any traditional, classy matte white frame. The display is further customizable with a variety of wooden frames sold separately, but the standard frame is a great fit.

It’s super slim, at only 3/4 of an inch thick, meaning it doesn’t protrude from the wall in an unsightly way. Designed to fade into the background and call attention to the art within its borders rather than itself, the EO2 is a big advancement for digital displays in the fine art space. The 23-inch display shows digital images in 1080p resolution with super bright, vibrant and natural color.

The EO2 offers access to a user-submitted library of some 20,000 free works of art, and a subscription service, called the Art Club, is available, where users can pay a monthly fee to access exclusive museum-curated content from top collections and galleries around the world. The service will add some 1,000 additional works at launch, with selections that can be custom tailored via the EO2 iOS or Android apps.

Selecting a piece to display is a simple matter of scrolling through the options on your phone or tablet and then selecting. It’s sort of like Spotify but for visual art, in that users can create “playlists,” as well, and set the EO2 to display them on a timed schedule. The display can also interface with your smart home devices, such as a smart TV, and, for example, automatically dim when you’re watching TV. When you have limited wall space but unlimited art appreciation, the EO2 lets you have your wall and put art on it, too.

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