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The Best Newborn Essentials Parents Will Actually Use

It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries how tiny babies can require so much stuff. There appears to be an inverse relationship between the size of the human and the number of physical things they require to stay alive. For new parents, figuring out what items their baby will actually need and what will just clutter up their home can be difficult. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the essential newborn items that every new parent should have in their home before the baby arrives. Or, they can always place an order online at 3 AM along with diapers and formula. That also works.

Determining what makes our list of the best newborn essentials comes with a lot of criteria. The baby market is saturated with fad items and expensive ‘must-have’ products, but what is actually worth money that could be going into a college fund? Sleep-deprived parents don’t have time to wade through the reviews to figure out what they actually need, so we’ve included products that have helped us and those we know survive the early years of parenthood. The great, wonderful, terrifying and exhausting early years of parenthood.

All the items on our list are gender-neutral, easy to use, and affordable. They also make great Shower and Sprinkle gifts, because even if this is your second or third baby, some essentials need to be repurchased.

Taking care of a newborn is tough. These products make it a little bit easier and safer.

1. Little Remedies New Baby Essentials Kit

Save parents from making late-night pharmacy runs with the Little Remedies New Baby Essentials Kit. The comprehensive kit comes with products to help treat common conditions that just about every newborn experiences sometimes multiple times in their first year. The kit includes a saline spray for stuffy noses, a nasal aspirator, gas relief drops, fever and pain reliever, gripe water and butt paste for diaper rash. Extra syringes are also included to make it simple for parents to administer any of the Little Remedies products. We like that none of the items have to be refrigerated (this is a condition for many types of gripe water) and all the products are free from parabens, artificial flavors and artificial dyes.

Pros: The kit typically comes with coupons that parents can use to buy full-sized versions once the items in the set run out.

Cons: The kit does not come with a travel bag to store the items together.

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2. Oogiebear

Keeping newborns clean can feel like a full-time job and that includes their tiny noses. For years, parents have relied on nasal aspirators to suck out boogers. They can be difficult to clean and often aggravate little ones. Once babies begin producing harder boogers, the Oogiebear becomes every parent’s best friend. The wide design of the bear’s head stops the small hook from going too far inside the baby’s nose. Parents can excavate the yellow or green deposits quickly and safely. As babies get older, they can even use the Oogiebear on themselves instead of picking their noses with their fingers. The Oogiebear is sold in sets of one or two and we recommend going with two so that you have one to use at home and went to keep in the diaper bag. Boogers wait for no parent.

Pros: The double-sided Oogiebear can also be used to clean out ears.

Cons: The Oogiebear has a high price tag.

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3. Spasilk 23-Piece Essential Baby Layette Set

Newborns go through a lot of clothes, which is why we like the Spasilk 23-Piece Essential Baby Layette Set. The gender-neutral set is made up of everyday clothing essentials, including four short-sleeved bodysuits, three long-sleeved bodysuits, a sleep sack and five hats, three pairs of scratch-prevention mittens, three burp cloths and four receiving blankets. Although the light color of the items means that they will show more spit up and poop, it also means that they are easier to bleach if necessary. All of the items are made of 100% cotton, which is breathable and gentle on the skin. They are also safe for the washing machine and dryer. Don’t ever buy a new parent something that is dry clean only.

Pros: Every item in the set matches each other because even if parents look disheveled, they feel better if their kids are presentable.

Cons: The clothing appears to fit on the smaller side.

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4. aden + anais Aden Adjustable Swaddle Wrap

It is possible to swaddle a baby with a receiving blanket, but after several YouTube tutorials and in-person lessons by trained nurses, we can safely say it’s not something an exhausted parent can successfully do multiple times a day. Or even once a day. The three-piece aden + anais Aden Adjustable Swaddle Wrap set takes the guesswork out of swaddling, which keeps babies feeling like they’re still safe in the womb. The 100 percent cotton features easy to use Velcro straps that are quiet and won’t scratch the baby. We also like that the swaddles are designed with a zip bottom opening for easy diaper changes. Choose from several gender-neutral sets or options in pink or blue.

Pros: The swaddle is prewashed for extra softness that won’t aggravate a baby’s sensitive skin.

Cons: It can be difficult to get the right size even when selecting the option that best matches the baby’s age.

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