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Complete Your Bedroom Set With A Stylish Nightstand

According to new research published by the New York Post, the average American will spend 36 years in bed. While much of that time is taken up by sleeping, there’s a lot of awake time spent in our bedrooms as well. The same study found that the average American sleeps seven hours each night but is in their bedroom a total of 11 hours each day. If you’re going to spend nearly half your day in a room, shouldn’t it have furniture that is functional and nice to look at? It’s time to get a new nightstand.

The nightstand is command central for your nightly needs. Maybe it holds your alarm clock, lamp and cell phone. It could be where you keep your nighttime glass of water, your morning coffee cup, your latest book. It’s your mini-medical tray when you have a cold and a place for storing important items like passports and jewelry. A new nightstand also makes your bedroom look more polished, which makes you feel better about your room (and helps when it comes time to sell your home!).

New furniture can be expensive, which is why we love buying nightstands. They’re an affordable way to add to your décor and they’re practical. We just suggest buying two so there’s no fighting over the favorite side of the bed.

1. Prepac Fremont 2 Drawer Nightstand

Get a combination of open and closed storage options with the Prepac Fremont 2 Drawer Nightstand, which includes an open storage section at the top and two large drawers for more personal items. The nightstand is made with clear lacquered real wood drawer sides and curved top edges, great for homes with small children. The antique bronze-finished knobs give the nightstand a look that is both modern and timeless.

Pros: At 28″ high, the Prepac is the tallest nightstand on our list and best suited for users with large pieces of bedroom furniture.

Cons: The Prepac weighs 42lbs, making it significantly heavier than the other two nightstands on our list, and therefore more challenging to move.

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2. Winsome Wood 94215 Eugene Accent Table

With the ability to hold 50lbs on the top and 15lbs on the shelf, the Winsome Wood Eugene Accent Table is not only a great spot to keep your alarm clock, but it also acts as a useful storage space. With a classic walnut color, the composite wooden nightstand with satin nickel knobs will look great in your bedroom or living room.

Pros: The Winsome Wood Eugene Accent Table is available in four finishes, including Espresso, Natural, White and Walnut, which is shown below.

Cons: Though the Winsome is similar in design and feel as the Prepac, it is not as large.

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3. Furinno Nightstand

For a nightstand that will fit into décor that is modern or rustic, we recommend the Furinno Nightstand in French oak grey. The nightstand has an open shelf and comes with one non-woven bin for added storage. We also like that the nightstand is made with 90% to 95% recycled materials.

Pros: The Furinno has rounded edges, making it an excellent choice for homes with small children or pets.

Cons: The lightweight and compact Furinno weighs 11 pounds and measures 15.75 x15.75 x17.5 inches and is much smaller than the first two nightstands, although this makes it ideal for small apartments or dorm rooms.

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