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People Love Coming Over To My Place and Using This $20 Nintendo Controller Floor Mat

* Nintendo-style floor mat
* Give your guests an 8-bit welcome
* Requiring people to press “start” to enter is optional

You, too, can now welcome guests to your castle with a floor mat that says, like no other floor mat can, “The Princess is in another castle.” This welcome mat is a retro gaming touch that conjures up all your favorite memories of early NES games, from Zelda to Mario. It’s a piece of nerd chic and a bit of 8-bit decor that goes great with a vintage-style boom box and some Knight Rider wall art. It lends itself well to party games, too, as people can dance out Nintendo-style commands.

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Image courtesy of ThinkGeek

It looks just like an old Nintendo controller, and might just get the original Zelda theme song or the famous Castlevania song stuck in people’s heads. A bit of trivia: fifteen or so years after the original Castlevania came out, a band called Minibosses started doing instrumental rock covers of classic video game themes, inspiring a sub-genre that would come to be known as “Nintendocore.”In a roundabout way, some of us actually discovered these old video games through the music they featured.

Use this NES controller floor mat in the office, the dorm or your apartment, or anywhere you want to conjure up memories of entering the Konami code, or set an ambiance of 8-bit glory.


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