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The Best Noguchi Lamp-Inspired Paper Lantern Lights

If you’ve ever stepped inside a home goods store, chances are you’ve seen a Noguchi-style lamp, even if you weren’t familiar with the name.

Places like IKEA and Home Goods are filled with these rice paper lamps inspired by the late Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi, whose Akari lantern designs helped popularize the sculptural lighting pieces you see in stores today. Pinterest and Etsy are also chock-full of hundreds of Noguhci-inspired lamps available for inspo or purchase.

Noguchi’s Akari lamps likely resonate well with the masses because they bring equal parts ambient lighting and a work of art to any space. Their light and airy texture brings dimension without feeling bulky or bringing heaviness to the room while giving an interestingly modern conversation piece for all to enjoy. Noguchi’s website notes that he “called these works Akari, a term meaning light as illumination, but also implying the idea of weightlessness.”

This is not to say that rice paper lamps are anything new, by any means. They’ve been a notable staple of Japanese culture for centuries and later became mainstream in the 20th century, thanks to Noguchi’s influence.

That said, original Akari lamps can be expensive. However, finding the best Noguchi-inspired lamps can help you save big. Noguchi lantern alternatives are now easy to find, thanks to the many dupes on the internet.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites.


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The sculptural rice paper lamp is a great accent light for any room. It stands 23 inches tall and can be placed on the floor or a tabletop for added height. The tiered design makes it feel like a work of art, while the soft lighting adds a warm ambiance to your space.

This outstanding floor lamp stands a little over five feet tall, making it great for the corner of any room in your home. Made with a rice paper-like shade on a durable metal frame, it provides warm ambient lighting and features a footstep switch and a five-foot cord for easy access to outlets.


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Akira Studio Art offers a beautiful selection of Noguchi pendant lamps on Etsy. Made to emit soft, ambient lighting, these rice paper lanterns are supported on a metal frame and come with an energy-efficient LED bulb to help get you started. Three different shapes are offered for your choosing.

What’s better than one lamp? Two. This set of paper lantern floor lamps is a fantastic bargain all around. For less than $70, you get two 50-inch Japanese-style lamps on a chrome base that will look sleek and modern in any space. Add ambient lighting to your living room, dining room, bedroom


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This arched floor lamp easily adds overhead lighting to your space. Place it next to your sofa or bed for soft, ambient lighting and enjoy the art of its oval-shaped paper lantern shade. This style is offered in two base colors: black and brushed steel.

This tabletop lantern brings soft lighting to your nightstand or end tables. This compact design is quick and easy to assemble and comes with a simple rice paper shade, a three-metal leg frame, and a three-color LED bulb for convenience.


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This paper lantern will make a huge statement in any living room or bedroom. It is designed with sculptural detailing and can be hung from the ceiling to add lighting and dimension. It’s made of brass covered with a paper shade and comes in various sizes for your choosing.