My Girlfriend Told Me To Grow Up After I Got These Nintendo Bathroom Accessories But I Don’t Care

Super mario toothbrush holder nintendo
Mario toothbrush holder
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* Because ironically, the older you get the better childhood seems
* From Super Mario World themed soap dishes to a high scoring vintage arcade bathmat
* Plus what may be the weirdest shower curtain we’ve seen in a while

Hearing you’re planning an entirely Nintendo-themed bathroom decor set isn’t the worst reason your significant other might tell you to grow up, after all: it means probably you aren’t using a veneer of sensitivity to hide your anger issues, aren’t avoiding serious conversations by hiding in a room blasting Weezer, nor are you accidentally calling her “mommy.” And you are definitely not responding to critique with the “I’m baby” meme. So agree to keep up that basic level of human decency, offering a bare amount of emotional labor, and enjoy the finer aspects of youth, like these Nintendo bathroom accessories.

1. Mario Shower Curtain Ring Hooks

Hang your shower curtain on these Mario-themed ring hooks to show everyone you’ve gotten to the next level of adulthood and deserve a gold star. What’s that? The princess has left the castle? Has moved back in with her parents and is reconsidering everything, everything? What’s the cheat code for this??

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2. Super Mario and Yoshi Shower Curtain

This is ok because Mario is a plumber, right? The Super Mario Bros-era question mark box in the middle of this strange, strange scene of Mario, Toad and Yoshi really says it all.

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3. Nintendo Decorative Bathmat

Score some points with this actually practical non-slip bath mat featuring a cool vintage arcade game motif.

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4. Mario Tube Toothbrush Holder

This toothbrush holder is patterned after the ubiquitous, mysterious green warp tubes of the Mario-verse. We can thankfully report that there’s no Piranha plant in this one.

Mario toothbrush holder Courtesy ThinkGeek


5. Mario Soap Dish

What better place for a bar of soap than in this decorative homage to Super Mario’s World 2-2?

Mario world soap dish Courtesy ThinkGeek