These 8 Products Are Totally Wacky But We Literally Use Them Every Single Day

egg separator pouring beating
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* The products are weird and somewhat useful
* From odor removers to hilarious kitchen hacks
* Plus some former Shark Tank favorites

The everyday meets the weird in these nine strange products right out of a game of “Three Things.” For those of you “millennials” who were busy optimizing yourselves and missed out on the suburban boredom of growing up, Three Things was a game where you picked a big store and tried to think up the three weirdest and/ or most embracing things to bring up to the cash register.

Amazon is, of course, way better for this, only you don’t get to imagine the look on the cashier’s face. Well, perhaps one day we’ll get snickering drones. Until then, here are nine of the weirdest, zaniest and surprisingly useful everyday products out there.

1. Nerdwax

Nerdwax sounds like it could be so many things. In this case, it’s a solution to keep your slightly oversized glasses from slipping off your face.

nerdwax Courtesy Amazon

2. Squatty Potty

As seen on Shark Tank, this is a footstool for making stool. It purports to improve your toilet posture and help you poo smoothly. It also has one of the zaniest infographics on all of Amazon. If there’s another product out there that promises a “fecal fiesta,” we’re not sure we want to know about it.

squatty potty Courtesy Amazon

3. Rub Away

No, it’s not the smallest, cheapest Jeff Koons sculpture, but this stainless steel “bar of soap” is way more useful. Rubbing it, with or without water, apparently removes the smell of onions and fish from your hands after cooking.

rub away Courtesy Amazon

4. Bogeyman Egg Separator

An egg separator is a useful hack for health-minded home cooking, letting you have egg white omelets with ease. Even better? This one is shaped like a troll’s head and the whites run out its nose. You know, so you can lose your appetite just before cooking.

Egg separator Courtesy Amazon


5. Spatty Daddy

Another Shark Tank alum, this bottle and tube spatula is for getting the last drop out of sauces, cosmetics, hair care and tooth care bottles.

spatty daddy last drop Courtesy Amazon

6. Go Girl

Stand and deliver with this portable urinal funnel. Because the line for those filthy bathrooms at shows and festivals may be the one place Freudian “penis envy” actually is a thing. Duchamp would approve.

go girl urinal funnel Courtesy Amazon

7. Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

Have a sweater or coat that you don’t wear anymore because it’s just too pilly? This fabric shaver and hi-powered lint remover will give your threadbare fuzzes a new lease on life.

fabric shaver Courtesy Amazon

8. Poo Pourri

Nobody likes pooping as a guest. But Poo Purri aims to make the experience a little less crappy, or at least less smelly. The non-toxic formula aerosolizes with the flush and obscures the usual odor.

poo pouri Courtesy Amazon

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