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Ditch The Beer Pong This New Years Eve And Play This Grown-Up Version Instead

* A refined NYE drinking game
* Upgrade your party with a little fizz
* Plastic Prosecco glasses and pastel balls included

This New Years Eve, step up your game and ditch the beer pong in favor of this grown-up option: the one-and-only official Prosecco Pong Drinking Game. With a drinking game like this, you’re not just drunkenly tossing a ball toward some cups like back in your college years, you’re making money moves. A refined and effervescent party prop, the Prosecco Pong set from Cost Plus World Market allows you ring in 2018 with sophistication and a good buzz.

This set comes with a dozen sturdy plastic Prosecco glasses– don’t try this to play this game with regular glass– and a set of 3 pastel pink ping pong balls. The rules of the game will surely be familiar to just about anyone who’s been through general ed college or attended a university party in the current Millennium. Simply line up the glasses at either end of a table (an actual table tennis table works great if you have one) and arrange glasses in a pyramid shape. Next, all you have to do is take turns trying to toss the ball into the other side’s glasses. The average game lasts about 27 minutes, so if you time it to start at 11:33 PM, you might just see the last ball drop as the ball drops.


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