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Mid-Century Modern Makes Your Office An Inspired Creative Space

* Clean mid-century modern design
* Comfortable curved back design with armrests 
* Available in multiple colors 

A good chair can really make an office or room live up to its full potential, and nothing brings together comfort and aesthetic like a stylish mid-century modern piece. Mid-century modern furniture has become a must-have for creative spaces, and for good reason. From Mad Men to the famous Case Study Houses and the iconic Eames chair, the mid-century modern aesthetic and design language embody taste and beauty; the perfect mix of creativity and restraint.

The Franklin Office Chair by GDFStudio offers a good balance between softness and support, with a buttoned pattern high back, curved edges and smooth wooden legs. This fabric chair is easy to clean and comes in blue, dark gray, green or yellow. The beechwood round peg legs give it that stand out mid-century charm, while the fabric armrests offer modern office chair comforts.

Ideal for working from home, this chair helps you live the dream if you’re a writer, artist, designer or producer. Having a home office space that maintains a creative mood is an important part of productivity, and the wrong office furniture can really spoil the inspiration vibes. Far too many of the “comfortable” office chairs have that cheap black plastic look that says “call center” more than it does “creative space.”

Luckily, the mid-century modern appeal of this GDFStudio chair means you can work in comfort while also enjoying a beautiful space with artfully chosen decor. Buy it to complete an interior decor look; let it inspire you to complete that book or screenplay.

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