An Office Chair to Elevate Your Workspace and Reduce Back Pain and Leg Pressure—For Just $200

Malera Office Chair
Courtesy of Shutterstock/Jacob Lund

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* Reduce back pain and leg pressure with this office chair
* Because comfort and productivity go hand-in-hand
* Adjustable seat and back for a custom fit

Wellness at the office, whether at home or in a corporate setting, is something that is not always taken into consideration. But your productivity and success at work are often equated to how well you are managing your health and well-being in between meetings, proposals and research. There are many ways to make your desk setup more comfortable, like with these seat cushions or the ever-popular stand-up desk. But it is equally as important to start each day with a well-designed office chair, like this sleek black seat from Alera, whose adjustable features make this an excellent choice for most people working primarily at a desk.

At $200, it is not necessarily the cheapest option out there, but it is also far less in cost than many high-end office chairs on the market, as some can run you upwards of $500. So, for a mid-range priced chair, we recommend trying out this impressive Elusion chair from Alera. It blends a lightweight design (easy to transport and scoot around your office) with necessary features like the adjustable tilt in the seat and back of the chair so you can actually feel the chair move with your body instead of restricting your natural movement and tilt when working. The mesh back makes it breathable so you avoid sticking to your chair on warmer days while the contoured seat provides support along with a smooth edge around the edge to relieve pressure on legs after sitting for hours.

Malera Office Chair Courtesy of Amazon

The multifunction mechanism allows the user to decide where they want the tilt of the back of the chair in alignment with the seat of the chair so you can customize the comfortability according to your height and specific preferences. The arms of the chair also adjust and are made with polyurethane pads for easy comfort. The chair does have a more technical aesthetic but every part of the design is for function and ergonomics—plus, the all-black option makes it blend in easily to most office spaces.

For a more zen office life, try adding a sophisticated aromatherapy diffuser in your area or some comedic trinkets that will lighten the mood, as well as an appropriate chair for your physique so you can finally find that work/wellness balance.

Malera Office Chair Courtesy of Amazon